The Return of the Jackass 5

Our lovely neighbor who reports us to the city whenever he can just drove by as my dad and I were taking the puppies in from romping in our yard. He said, “I really am getting tired of having to pick up crap out of my yard.” My father told him that it isn’t our dogs. He said, “Well, we’ll see. I’ll get you on camera and take you to the city again.” My family wasn’t just being paranoid. We KNEW it was him, and he admitted it. Our dogs don’t do anything in his yard. In fact, I know I try to keep them from even touching his grass. I don’t like him constantly hounding us, so I try to avoid the confrontation altogether.

Now, I know that some dogs do go in his yard because I’ve seen it. I know this is kind of a sick thing to know, but I know for certain that the dogs that are going in his yard can’t be ours because of the way that their “crap” looks. I’ve had to clean ours up enough that I know what it looks like. His main problem is probably a larger dog. There may be some problems with smaller dogs, as well, but his main problem is larger dogs. I would tell him this, but I would probably cower in fear as he berated me for even owning a pet.

You know what’s really pathetic about this whole thing? He used to own a cat that he let roam the street, which is something I really can’t stand. (I love cats, but letting them out on their own just seems to be asking for trouble, especially on our street.) Well, this cat that roamed the street not only caused him to break the law by breaking the leash law, this cat also broke his own little moral code because it used several yards in the neighborhood as its personal litter box. Of course, we also fed his cat from time to time because we didn’t think it was being properly taken care of.

On a non-animal/jackass related noted, I had an appointment with Gulshan this morning. I told her that things weren’t working out between us and I told her all of the things that weren’t working. Apparently, I’m not the first person to say these things to her, so she had me say that I’d keep coming to see her a few more times to see if she can be a better therapist for me. We are no longer doing “advice therapy”. We’re doing “talk therapy”, which is my favorite kind of therapy. She is also going to see me for hour-long sessions, since we always go an hour anyway. I need that length. She told me if things didn’t get better, she would recommend me for another therapist.

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5 thoughts on “The Return of the Jackass

  • Ally

    Ugh.. let the guy waste his time “catching it all on camera”. At least then you guys will be able to say once and for all that it’s not your dogs doing their business in his yard. People like your neighbor really get to me.

    I’m glad you talked to your therapist about the issues you were having with her. She definitely needed to know, and since she’s heard it before, maybe this time she’ll get it right. Either way, things seem to be on the right track.. she’ll either turn out to be a great therapist, or you’ll be recommended for someone else.

  • pia
  • Chelsea

    I’m sorry you have to deal with that neighbor. I think I’ve read about him before in a few other entries of yours.. He really sounds bitter and hard-hearted. *Sigh*

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