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Lately I’ve been feeling dizzy and faint. My mom thought it had to do with my Effexor dose, which it could have been had it not started about two weeks ago. I only actually changed my dose on Thursday morning. My dad says it’s blood pressure, but I tend to have really normal blood pressure…a little low, but still normal. I jokingly told him that I thought I had a brain tumor. I don’t really think I do, though.

Oh, and I may be getting a digital camera tomorrow. I got my check from SSI on Friday, and I have to spend the money rather quickly, so I’m hoping I can get a digital camera, a new scanner, and Photoshop. Those are the things I told my mom I would be getting, so they’ve been parentally approved. I don’t have to worry about my mom freaking out about those things. I can also get the first season of Charmed on DVD, which is a big yay. I’ve already paid my rent for the month, so I don’t have to worry about that. It feels so strange to pay my parents rent to live in the house that I own.

I know that if/when I get the camera, I’ll have to share pictures of my ugly self with y’all, which is okay, I guess. I’m a bit tired of showing the pictures from when I was 15, so having up-to-date pictures will be nice.

My mom starts back to work today (as an Extended Day teacher), which means that I’ll be home alone for about 6 hours. I know most people would jump for joy at the opportunity to be left home alone for that length of time, but I don’t like it. I’ll probably be busy with online stuff, but I like to know someone is here with me when I’m at home. It just makes me feel more at ease.

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9 thoughts on “Dizzy Up the Girl

  • Ashley

    Agreed^^ When my iron was low, I would get very dizzy and feel like I was going to pass out. So I have to take iron pills now. It could also be your blood sugar level, it could be low. Not only diabetics get faint feelings. Next time, try drinking some orange juice or something like that.

  • Giselle
  • Janet
    Post author

    It could be, but the last time I had my iron checked, I was alright. I may need to get it checked agian.

  • Radin

    It will be nice to see you. Dizziness could be the sign of almost anything from ear infection to blood pressure, digestion problems and … It is best to check it out with a doctor. Take good care of yourself.

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