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Today, I had an appointment with my pdoc. I always seem to leave there feeling more relieved than I feel when I leave Gulshan. Today, I left with that feeling about my appointment, but not about my medicines. My Effexor dose has been decreased to 37.5 mg, while my Lithium was increased to 3 times a day and my Geodon was increased to 2 80 mg capsules at bedtime. I have to call Val to get my patient assistance programs switched for the Effexor and Geodon.

I was hoping to get my Klonopin dose changed because I’ve had a lot of problems with anxiety recently. I guess my doctor thought that the being more paranoid and delusional trumped the increase in anxiety. I guess being anxious could be tied in with the paranoia, though.

I have the feeling, again, that my doctor may be taking me off of Effexor. I mean, 37.5 is a pretty weak dose. I still don’t want to be taken off of it, even if it isn’t working as well as it used to. It’s just a staple of my life that I’m afraid to let go of. I’m also afraid of what he might put me on instead of Effexor because I know I can’t manage without an anti-depressant.

Marie brought up something about me almost being in skinny people clothes. I thought that I should point out that, though I can sometimes wear regular sized clothes, I have to wear plus size pants. My hips and belly don’t seem to want to shrink. I mean, they’ve gotten quite a bit smaller since I had the surgery…I can actually wear pants (jeans, especially) that they sell at stores now.

You know, I’m sick of some of the people who talk about John Roberts and say that it shouldn’t matter what his stance on abortion is. It does matter. It matters to all the women who may have their right to choose taken away. It matters to all the people who know that if that right is taken away that women will die from “kitchen table abortions”. Some have said that he’ll leave Roe v. Wade along, but he’ll support the ban on “partial-birth abortions”, which I think is enough for me to not like him. Banning a procedure that actually saves lives seems to be wrong to me. Ugh. I get the feeling that Roberts is not a centrist and that he’s just another Conservative cronie that Bush is putting on the bench to royally screw over America.

Oh, I liked “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”. I thought it was well-written, but the ending really got to me. Unlike a lot of people, I didn’t cry. I was just dumbfounded. J.K. Rowling had guts to end the story the way she did. I never thought she’d do what she did.

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  • Ashley

    I haven’t got the chance to read the newest book yet, but I’m dying to. I heard it’s amazing, and sad in a lot of parts.

  • Radin
  • ariadnek

    This may sound random, but…as usual…this post of yours exemplifies what I always see in this blog: you are such a strong person. I completely admire that and wish that I had half even half of the fortitude that you do. 🙂

  • Alecia
  • Ally

    My problems are in my belly, arms, and thighs. Oh my thighs.. they’re a family curse. lol

    Plus, when I had Taylor… my hips are a little farther apart than they used to be. It’s made me “carry” my weight better – in that I don’t look like I weigh as much as I do.. but knowing my weight.. I don’t even care that I carry it well.

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