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I am contemplating writing a strongly worded letter to Tom Cruise about his being an idiot. I heard him talking about psychiatry today on an interview, and he said some stupid things. For example, medications aren’t necessary and that psychiatry in general is a quack science. His solutions? Eating dinner together and taking vitamins. Uh-huh. And he got his degree where? There are some herbal supplements that may curb depression and maybe even anxiety problems, but I don’t think any exist that help get rid of things like hallucinations, paranoia, bipolar mood swings, etc. Of course, those things probably don’t exist in his little world where being an actor and a Scientologist give him the credentials to decide that mental illness doesn’t exist and doesn’t need to be treated. I just love when uninformed people think they have all the “solutions”, when all they have is pure crap. He acts like he’s some sort of mythical hero for saying that psych medicine is bad. I think what he’s doing is detrimental. It causes people to become more uninformed and have less understanding for the realities of mental illness. It causes more problems for those of us who do have problems to have people accept that our problems are real. If some Hollywood hotshot says something, it has to be real. People fall for charming faces, and they fall for charming lies.

Speaking of medications, today I had to get the rest of my Geodon prescription filled. We can only get half of it at a time because it costs so much ($155/two weeks). I hate that I have to be on something that costs so much. I wish that it were cheaper. I don’t see why it has to cost over $300 for a month’s worth of pills. Of course, I need the medicine to sleep and control the hallucinations, which eating dinner with my family and taking some unstudied herbal remedy won’t help with. 😉

I’m tired and sore. My mom told me this morning that the cracking and popping in my knees is probably lose bone fragments floating around in my knee. I asked her if that would show up when I have my appointment with the doctor for disability. She said that it would if the X-Ray was done properly. She also said that I probably have already developed arthritis in my knees. (It isn’t a stretch, since I was diagnosed with Chondromalacia when I was 14.) Ugh. I don’t need more problems. I don’t want more problems. You know, it’s probably caused by my weight. If I had some sort of time machine, I would go back to when I was a little kid and do something to convince myself not to eat as much. That would’ve changed a lot of my physical problems over the years. It wouldn’t have stopped the mental problems, but it would’ve eased some of my physical pain.

Oh, I found out that Fuzziness, the fanlisting for me, has moved. So, I’ve gone and updated the link on all of the themes. 🙂 I still can’t believe it has over 30 members. Who knew that 30 people would actually like me? That just seems a bit unfathomable.

It has taken me almost two hours to write this entry. That has to be some sort of record. I spent the first hour (after writing 1/2 of the first paragraph) in severe pain. I think I ate too much. When you eat too much after having GBS, it can be very painful. I thought for a little while that I was going to die. I couldn’t tell if it was stomach pain or chest pain. Apparently, whatever it was, it wasn’t lethal because here I am. Or maybe it was lethal and I’m in some sort of ghostly dimension. 😛 Hey, maybe it was all caused by some voodoo doll that Tom Cruise has for people who disagree with him about psychiatry.

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24 thoughts on “We Grow Old So Fast

  • jen

    I realize that ‘my boyfriend broke up with me’ is not considered SERIOUS, PERSISTANT depression, but it can still cause episodic depression. Of course, the best approach is a combination of therapy – talk and medication. but everyone diagnosed with depression suffers from different ‘strengths’… just b/c you don’t consider that particular situation to be equal to serious depression doesn’t mean it isn’t a devastating state for the person suffering. I know, I’ve been there.

    Transactional Analysis – You’re okay, I’m not okay (my situation is worse than yours and you’ll never understand. feel sorry for me.) It’s a social work theory.

  • jen

    “People fall for charming faces, and they fall for charming lies.”

    Best quote I’ve heard all week, darling!

  • Sammii

    I hate it when people talk about things they know nothing about, so I understand why you’re annoyed. Tom is a idiot, I knew that already 😉

  • Jackson Whole

    Scientologist = Idiot. So, in actuality, we knew Tom Cruise was an idiot a long, long time ago. Good actor? Yeah, probably. Great actor? A definite nooooo.

    An aging actor in the shrill, and utterly bizarre beginnings of a sad decline? Probably absolutely.

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