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If I have to hear one more person say my name as Janice instead of Janet, I will scream. All of my life people have said Janice instead of Janet, and it has bugged me to no end. Sometimes they can even be looking at my name right in front of them, and they will say Janice. There is no i or c in my name and the e is not at the end of my name. It is pronounced Jan-et. Very simple, no? When I was little I used to have people say it wrong and I would actually say to them, “My name is Janet, J-A-N-E-T, Janet.” Janice is a nice enough name, but it’s not mine. It has never been mine, and it will never be mine.

Now, onto another rant, Tom Delay, the guy with all the “great” ethics, is coming up against the possible bill to allow embryonic stem cells to be used for research and receiving federal funding. I don’t get it. What is the big deal? Aren’t the embryos that are going to be used ones that aren’t wanted? The “parents” have basically relinquished “custody” of them to the scientists. What are they supposed to do with them? Let them stay frozen for all eternity? Let them go unused and be wasted when they could be used to learn how to cure God knows how many lives. And we’re supposed to do this because it’s “wrong to take a life”? How many lives have been taken in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to save/protect the lives of people in this country? I mean, if we’re allowed to have forces kill people and be killed to save our lives, then why is it so wrong to use these stem cells to help find cures and treatments for diseases? Why isn’t it seen the same way?

I really should go take my B12. I haven’t taken it in a month or two, and my lips are peeling and cracking. They’ve gotten worse as I’ve neglected to take my B12 pills. I’ve checked to see if this should be related, but all of the sites I’ve seen don’t say that they are related. They say other deficiencies are related to peeling and cracking, but not B12. Still, I am in firm in my belief that my lips are peeling and cracking because I haven’t taken the B12. I better go get one right now or else I’ll forget about it.

I need to get back to making thumbnails for a screen capture site that I’m working on. Then, I need to work on my fanlistings. I should make a to-do list so that I can put it on my computer desk, pile papers on top of it, and never see it again. I actually have several to-do lists right in front of me that I’ve written over the past few weeks, and they’re not all very coherent.

Oh, I watched the whole Revelations miniseries, and it was an interesting premise, but there were so many mistakes that it was very difficult to believe very much of it. One mistake, their use of the term “Satanism”. Satanism is not devil-worship. I’ve talked to some Satanists, and they don’t usually like to hear people comparing them to devil-worshippers. The Satan that they (Satanists) have comes from a Pagan image of power, sexuality, and sensuality. Satan isn’t a deity or anything like that. Satan doesn’t have anything to do with Hell, demons/demonic posession, pitchforks, torture, and profound evil. They focus on their individual power and authority, and believe that each person is their own redeemer and is responsible for the direction of their own life. There’s more about it here. The Satanism that the series referred to is Gothic Satanism, and it is an imaginary religion established by the Christian Church to justify killing “witches” back in the Burning Times. Another thing that bugged me was Isaiah’s ability to brainwash a whole prison to follow him. Now, there may have been some people who would’ve been easily tempted, but a whole prison? I don’t think so. Just because a person commits a crime doesn’t mean that that person is more likely to be evil than an average person. I also was bugged by a statement that one of the “Satanists” made. He said he was Mormon, so he didn’t have guns and that was also the reason his “brother” wasn’t in school. As far as I know, Mormons can own guns. They can’t bring them into churches (or at least, they can’t bring them into churches in Utah), but they can own them. And school? I’ve gone to elementary, middle, and high school with Mormons. Some choose to homeschool, but you have people choosing to do that in almost every religion. Sorry, I just get bugged by the misuse of certain religious things in movies and tv.

Oh, and a couple of you asked why I can’t post a picture. I can’t post a recent picture (as in, one that isn’t 6 years old) because I don’t have a digital camera or a webcam, and my scanner and I quit getting along about a year or so ago. Since we’re no longer communicating, and it’s no longer communicating with my computer, it is rather difficult to scan things and put them up here. Even if I could scan pictures, my most recent picture that I have around here is probably 2 years old, unless I scanned my permit and school ID, and there’s no way I’m scanning either of those.

The Disability Office finally called me. The woman there said that they’d never gotten my Mental Function paperwork, so I get to fill that out again. She also said that it was about time for me to undergo medical/psychological examinations. She wasn’t sure at first if I should go for medical ones, but I told her that I have asthma and joint problems. The asthma isn’t very bad anymore, but my joints have been bothering me lately, especially my knees. They crackle, creak, and make tearing sounds when I walk. It isn’t pleasant.

Oh, and we screen our phone calls to keep from talking to certain people/businesses, and it is so annoying and funny to hear some of the messages. Some people will have these weird conversations with other people, totally forgetting that they’re on the phone. Others will say, “Hello. Hello?” It seems like they think that they’re actually talking to someone, instead of talking to an answering machine. Then there are the “please hold for an important message” pre-recorded messages that are followed by the unsuspecting person thinking that there is an actual human being on the line. If you’re not going to have an actual human being on the line when you call us, do you honestly expect us to provide you with an actual human being when it’s time to talk to you? I don’t think so.

Holy crap. I got a 4.0 for this past semester. I was sure I got a C in my lab class and pretty sure I got a B in Social Work, but I guess I did a lot better than I thought. That makes my GPA a 3.888888, which I guess could be rounded up to a 3.9. 😀

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  • Natasha

    I’m sorry people misuse your name Janice…I mean Janey….hehe. JANET

    When I found out that Satanism didnt have anything to do with the devil I was confused for a very long time. Its actually an intresting philospophy, even if i dont agree with it.


  • Giselle

    annoying about the name thing. people have to hear mine 5 times before getting it, because it isn’t a very popular name here.

  • julie

    people call me julia all the time and it bugs the absolute hell out of me. i correct someone almost every day.

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