Moving Day 4

I moved out of the dorm this morning. I packed up my remaining stuff (well, my parents did a lot of that), cleaned the bathroom and the furniture, and turned in my keys. I didn’t have to pay a $200 fee for cleaning, since apparently I did a good enough job on my own. Who’d have thunk that? If you ever looked at my bedroom at home, you would think that I didn’t know how to clean. It’s not that I don’t know how, it’s just that I don’t particularly like it and I always am too exhausted to do it by the time I’ve started. I get tired quickly. Or maybe my mind just convinces me that I’m tired when I first start.

I’ve got only 2 more exams to go, which I need to be studying for. Health is Monday at 11 and Social Work is Thursday at 8. I found out that the test I thought I flunked in Social Work actually scored an 85.25. I was quite pleased with that score. That was so much better than the D or F that I was expecting. That should be enough to help me on my way to earning an A in that class.

Oh, I’ve started some icon challenges on LJ, so if you like to make icons, please go join them. They are:

The first challenge is currently in the voting stage for five of those challenges (the exception is Stunning Moments).

Oh, today is the Kentucky Derby. One of the days of the year that I don’t enjoy. I believe horse racing is cruel.

My roommate didn’t seem phased that I was leaving. Of course, I was barely there, so she barely noticed my existence. The one thing that she did notice was that, since I was taking my stuff, I would be taking my tv that she likes to watch when I’m not there. She’ll have to watch tv in the common room instead of watching it in the dorm room now. I’m kind of happy that I’m leaving her in that predicament. You know when my parents and I walked into the room, she was not only watching my tv, but she had gone into one of my drawers and gotten the remote. I know, I should be more apt to sharing things since I am 21 years old, but I can’t help it. First off, I don’t like it when people touch my stuff. Then, to think she went into my drawers to get my remote. It makes me glad that I never took a journal up there or left anything secretive up there. She probably wouldn’t have minded taking a look at that kind of stuff. The only thing of hers that I ever used was her phone and that was only because 1.) the cell reception in the dorm was crappy and 2.) she had usurped both phone lines in the room so that I couldn’t plug in my own phone. Oh, and I asked her if I could use her phone sometimes. She never asked about my tv.

Okay, so we’ve just established that I’m childish and selfish about some things, but in a way, it makes sense. I was an only child for the majority of my life, so I’m just not used to having to share things. And my roommate has 5 siblings (one of them is her twin sister), so I guess she may not be used to asking people if its okay to use their stuff. Or at least, she’s not used to asking an overly anal roommate to use her stuff.

I just got a comment on my latest entry in my LiveJournal asking me if I’d remove her from my friends list. It was someone I used to know from a message board, but I’ve since quit going to that message board and have lost touch with her. When she asked, she used the letter “u” to represent the word “you”, and I was about ready to say something about that, but I didn’t. I just took her off my friends list (which I should really go through and delete a lot of people from) and deleted her note (since it had absolutely NOTHING to do with my entry–pet peeve).

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