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Well, my site is no longer a secret to everyone at school. It wasn’t really a secret to begin with. I just had never really told anyone, except my roommate about it. (I don’t think she remembered that it existed, though.) Today after Biology, some of the people in both my Biology and Social Work classes went to the Social Work computer lab and I tagged along. Two of the guys and one of the girls (who actually isn’t in my Social Work class, but has a class in the building) were surfing the internet. I tried to get on one of the other computers and it didn’t have Firefox, so I tried Internet Explorer. Well, that wouldn’t work. (I even checked the Task Manager and the program wouldn’t get over like 8,000 K.) So, I wanted to know 1.) where my name came up with fps on Google (I know that on Yahoo! it goes between 3, 4, and 5) and 2.) if there had been any new comments since Sunday afternoon. I asked Dedrick to check the Google thing for me. I told him just to enter Janet on Google, but he wanted to enter my full name. I knew that wouldn’t work, so eventually I got him just to enter Janet. There fps was–#6. Then, he clicked the link and he was like, “this is your daily blog.” I saw that there were some new comments, and I told him he could close the page, but first he decided to write down the address. So, now, he knows…and so do Wayne and Jillian. That’s okay. They’re all nice and understanding.

While Dedrick, Jillian, Wayne, and I were in the computer lab, I was trying to go over stuff for my group’s presentation for the Social Work class. I couldn’t remember anything except that disease meant “wanting of ease”. That was it. I said something about it being because I’m bipolar because I know that that has something to do with why my brain acts wonky. Well, Dedrick didn’t want me blaming my lack of memory on bipolar because he wanted all of us to do well and get through college. I guess if I start blaming my inability to remember on having psych problems, I won’t stop doing that or I won’t be able to finish school. I don’t know. He had good intentions, though, and I appreciated that. I decided since I couldn’t remember anything aside from what disease meant that I should jot down a few notes and just take my notebook up when it was my turn to talk. That worked.

I missed my therapy appointment yesterday morning. I just totally forgot about it. I’ll have to reschedule. I’m glad that I didn’t miss it before I went to see my psychiatrist because I know that if you skip therapy enough that the psychiatrist will stop prescribing meds. I don’t need that happening. I didn’t realize until last night at 9:00 that I had even missed the appointment. I was depressed and having my typical dorm room breakdown, and I realized it was the 2nd and that I had an appointment with Gulshan on the 2nd. I immediately called my mom, and she already knew because Gulshan had called.

I’m a little annoyed. Today in Biology we were supposed to only be in there for 5 minutes to do evaluations on the teacher. Well, apparently, the Biology department doesn’t have the evaluation forms yet, so we have to go to Biology on Thursday. 🙁 I was planning on sleeping in on Thursday. Now I have to be ready for an 8:00 class so that I can stay for 5 minutes then, and then climb “The Hill” to wait over almost an hour and a half for my Social Work class. That was my plan for today! 😡

I was also a bit annoyed when it came time to find out if I was exempt for my World Literature exam. My teacher had down that I got a 73 on my first paper in the class. My response? “That’s weird because it said 90 on my paper.” She said she’d check it out. The person before me got a 73, so she thinks she may have just written that twice on accident. Anyway, it didn’t really pull down my grade that much, and I still get to exempt. It’s just weird when you know you did better than the grade shows and you don’t have the proof because the teacher took back the papers.

Tomorrow, I go see the ENT to find out about my ear. I hope whatever is wrong with it doesn’t require surgery, expensive procedures/medicine, etc. I know something is still wrong with it (it still hurts), so I hope that he finds whatever it is and I hope its fixable. I just don’t want it to be costly.

Edited (May 4, 2005 @ 1:49 pm) I went to the ENT. He said it was normal to still have some problems after a really bad ear infection for up to about 5-6 weeks after the infection began. That leaves me 2-3 more weeks of pain and stuff. He’ll see me again in 2 weeks to see if it is still wonky. If it is, he may have to lance it or do tests.

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  • Sarah

    I think I’d go nuts if anyone offline knew about my site. That happened once and I got a new domain because it bothered me so much. I couldn’t write ‘real’ entries anymore. I mean…my parents know I HAVE one…but they don’t know the address and such… I need this privacy. Plus they’d probably berate my bad mouth and send me right back to therapy if they could read what I write sometimes.

  • Jessica

    Bleh I hate when real life people read my stuff. Like some stuff I don’t care but then again I feel like someone might read something I don’t want them to, which is why I keep my LJ as friends only so I can write stuff in there I can’t write on my site.

  • Emily

    A few of my friends know my domain, but that’s about all. I makes me uncomfortable if people I know come to my site to read my daily blog, and it would really limit me on what I write. I’ll cross my finger for no surgery for your ear!

  • Janet
  • Chelsea

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