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Well, I’ve had 2 final exams in the past two days, neither was expected. First was my Biology lab exam yesterday afternoon, which was scheduled for NEXT week on my lab schedule. Apparently, it was bumped up when I missed the class because of my ear. I think I may have flunked that test. šŸ™ The second test was this morning in Biology. It was supposed to be take-home, but she let us do it in class. We worked in groups, and each group did 11 questions (out of 33). We all got it done before classtime was over, but the teacher had already left, so one of the students (who’d basically been appointed by the teacher) took the tests to the teacher.

Technically, I have 2 exams next week, and I definitely have 2 the next week. In Camping, we’re supposed to put up tents as part of our exam. Then, in World Literature, I may not have to take the exam because I’ve got an A in the class. That would be a relief. The only two exams that are set in stone are my Social Work and Health exams, which I think I’ll do well on.

Oh, because of the exam in Biology this morning, we didn’t have to do the presentations, so I didn’t tell the class that I’m Bipolar, and didn’t give them the chance to think I’m an insane freak. I guess that that’s a good thing, since I was a bit afraid of how people might react. Still, I was kind of looking forward to “getting it off of my chest”.

We have to write journal entries for Social Work, and lately mine have been rather crappy. I don’t always remember to write things down, so I forget about what happened. Well, I didn’t have that problem with the Tuesday class. I wrote down that the professor came and talked about mental health stuff, and then I wrote about part of my experience in the hospital. I knew that it would be okay to bring it up because it did relate to the class and what happened in it. I also knew that my teacher (who “grades” our journals) wouldn’t be judgmental about my being in the hospital, especially when she could hear about a case worker/therapist acting improperly. I initially wrote about the other thing that happened in the hospital, but I decided that was still too personal, so I ripped out the entire entry and rewrote it.

Those of you who wanted me to go to see my doctor two weeks ago after my ear started bleeding will be happy to know that, because of the new blood in the ear problem, I will be going to the doctor at 5:00 this afternoon. I need to get it checked and try to get new antibiotics. I also need to get my other ear checked because it has been hurting, too.

Edited: My doctor said that my ear didn’t look “normal”. He said it wasn’t bleeding, but that there was dried blood in there. (If there’s dried blood, then that means it must be bleeding sometimes, doesn’t it?) He’s referring me to an ear doctor that I’ve seen before.

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  • Becky

    I haven’t been here in a while! I didn’t know your ear was bleeding!? I’m glad that you are going to the doctor. that sucks about the exam being a week early! I’d hate that, but life’s life. Anyway, later, xoxo

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