Brain Fluke 14

I finally wrote a paper that was longer than what my teacher had asked for. Of course, this time it wasn’t for English. It’s for Biology. And this time it wasn’t for a grade. It’s extra credit, which I think I need. We were told to write a paper on a disease, so I picked bipolar. Technically, its a disorder, but I’m hoping that won’t matter. The paper is about 7 pages long, and is mainly me quoting and crediting several sources, including the NIMH and the Mayo Clinic. I hope I get my 25 points. Actually, I hope she gives even more points, which is what she did with the play.

I wonder if I’ll be receiving any mail from Disability this week. I haven’t gotten anything since Monday. When you’re getting things everyday for a few days, it seems a bit strange when you finally don’t get anything. I know that there has to be more stuff to fill out. I hope my last form got to the office. They didn’t send an envelope for me to send it back in, and the office that they send it from is different from the one you send it back to…so I sent it back to the one it came from and hoped it would get to the right person.

Speaking of the forms, I had to answer a question about how long I could remember things that I had read from books and things. I said 30 minutes, and then I began to panic that 30 minutes might be too long and they might think I had no problems if I said 30 minutes. It wasn’t until I was telling my mom about this fear that I realized that 30 minutes isn’t very long at all. Admittedly I do remember some things longer than 30 minutes, but usually the details get very fuzzy within minutes of my reading something. It all depends on how my brain is working on a particular day. This is part of the problem I have with school. Of course, they’ll probably wonder how I could get a 3.8 if my memory is so bad. Honestly, I don’t know how. I think its some kind of brain fluke.

My ear doesn’t hurt as much as it did right when my eardrum ruptured, but it still hurts quite a bit. I spent all of yesterday without a cotton ball in it, and it (along with my head in general) hurt much worse after that, so today I’m back to having the cotton ball in it.

I’ve actually gotten to see the first two parts of Revelations. I saw the first one last Sunday during what was supposed to be Crossing Jordan’s timeslot, and I saw the second last night on Bravo. Apparently, Bravo will be rerunning the episodes on Saturday nights, so I’ll get to see them regularly. 🙂

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