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On The Lounge, there is a thread about being straight edge. Apparently, you’re straight edge if you don’t drink, don’t smoke, and don’t do drugs. Well, that describes me, but I don’t know that I would call myself straight edge. I’m just an asthmatic who too easily became addicted to taking Tylenol (yes, I am being serious) and doesn’t want to tempt the fates by experimenting with those substances. I don’t think of myself as a particular type of person, in terms of being straight edge. And I don’t think straight edge is a good term for a person who has had issues with self-injury.

I can’t believe I only have like 8 class days left until exams. Actually, I don’t really even have that many days in some classes. So far, Biology, Biology Lab, Camping, and World Lit are having their exams before exam week. I don’t think Health and Social Work will change when the exams are, though.

I finally got the Q&A page to work. I had to change the database it was in so that it didn’t upset the WP settings. So now it works with WP and you can go ask me questions, so please go ask me questions…but not mean or hateful ones. Those will be deleted.

I’ve installed a plugboard, which I encourage you to use. That’s what its there for. Just don’t use it if you’re going to promote something which is pornographic, hate/racist, illegal, etc. Oh, and your button needs to be 88×31.

Oh, and I don’t think my psychosis had anything to do with missing any Geodon. I got my doses screwed up last Thursday/Friday, and have had all my regular doses since 10:30 on Friday night. I don’t think that would have affected me on Wednesday night.

Edited: I just found the following in my guestbook:

I think you are a fucking dumb ass and i know you and your famiy. You need to be put in a crazy home. I am sending copies of this to your mother. She may want to see how crazy you are. I know doctors that may help. Go visit your family in the hospital instead of writing this crap on the computer.

I kind of think that is the funniest piece of trash I’ve seen in a long time. The person (who left no real name or e-mail address) claims to be from Albertville. I don’t think I know anyone in Albertville, other than family members (who know about my mom’s problems and could probably jump to the conclusion that I inherited those problems). Even if I did know other people in Albertville, telling my mom about what I post on here wouldn’t matter. I tell my mom about everything I post on this website that has to do with my psych problems, and about a good deal of the things that don’t relate to my psych problems. She knows about my problems. She actually knows about more of my problems than anyone online does because there are still some things that I don’t feel comfortable disclosing on the internet. My mother is usually the first person I tell about anything. As for me being put in a “crazy home”…as “crazy” as I may be, I don’t belong in an institution. I’m not a threat to myself or other people.

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  • Sarah
  • Janet
    Post author

    I’m actually addicted to the act of taking it. It’s a habitual thing. I’d never heard of Dorothy before.

  • Chelsea

    Ugh … “straight edge” .. that term is SO overused. I think it also classifies someone that is a super goodygoody not just a non-druggie, non-smoker etc.

    I gotta leave right now, but I’ll finish this comment later. 🙂

  • Chau

    Hey there! Hehe, I’m a “straight edge” also… Anyways, wow, only 8 days of classes left? I have 13 days left of classes. Anyways, good luck with your exams!!

  • Emily

    Oh wow. That’s just ridiculous. People has nothing better to do than to post messages like that. I’m glad you just laughed it off. Also, good luck with all of your exams 🙂 Mine is coming up soon too… next two weeks will be hell.

  • Sarah
  • Skya

    I think it’s awesome that you aren’t letting any drug or addiction claim your body.. It’s something that is really hard to do.. So here’s a *bear hug* for being so cool! 🙂

    Good luck with your exams!!

  • Jeni

    And the fact that this person thinks that threatening other people online makes them better or sane is gorgeous. People are hilarious.

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