Oozing Psychosis 23

Well, I think the bleeding in my ear has slowed down a bit, not that it was gushing before. It only seems to bleed/ooze when it gets irritated or right after I have major pains in my ear. I guess that’s a good thing. I’ll go to the doctor if its still bleeding or hurting when I finish my round of antibiotics. There’s not really anything he can do, though, except maybe give me more antibiotics.

I was rubbing at my ear during Health today, and my teacher noticed. She asked (in the middle of class) if I had an ear infection, and I told her (and the rest of the class) that my eardrum had ruptured because of an ear infection. She offered to lower her voice, she thought that maybe she was talking too loud. She wasn’t talking too loud, so I told her that she was fine. If she had started talking any lower, I wouldn’t have been able to hear her at all.

I found out today that I got an A on my presentation in Camping. Of course, everyone got A’s on their presentation, so it doesn’t mean that I did better than anyone. It just means that my teacher seems to like giving A’s. That doesn’t really bother me.

Tomorrow I have to perform in a play for Biology. I dread it. I have 1 line, and its really simple, but I don’t like the thought of having to do a play in front of everyone. I also don’t like that I have to trudge up the Hill and spend a few hours watching other groups’ plays. What I like the least, though, is that all this play stuff means I have to stay on campus until 6 tomorrow night. I like being able to come home as soon as my World Lit class is over. Home is my safe zone, and the longer I’m away, the more anxious I get.

I have another update on the Disability thing. I sent my paperwork off this morning, and guess what comes in the mail this afternoon? A form about my daily activities. This should be fun. Oooh, it asks about my sleep. I guess where it asks do I need to take anything to sleep, I can definitely mark yes, since it seems to require 80mg of Geodon to keep me asleep all night. (I no longer take Geodon in the morning, my psychiatrist told my mom that if its making me fall asleep during class that I should just double the dose at night.)

I wonder if the form has a field for psychotic breaks. I had very little Geodon on Thursday and then none until Friday night, and I started feeling really weird. I felt like bugs were crawling up my back. I thought that my dogs were trying to hurt me. I couldn’t stand to be touched at all, even worse than usual. I turned towards the back of our couch and just cried. I felt like I was spinning out of control. I guess I had felt a bit better lately, but it all felt like it came apart on Friday night.

I thought that I had an appointment this afternoon at the Mental Health Center to set up special assistance on getting my Geodon and Lamictal, but when I got there, they said it was Wednesday at 3. I couldn’t come on Wednesday, so I had to change it to April 29. As I got out to the car, I remembered that I was holding some paperwork my mom needed me to turn in for her file, so I went back in and asked for the person that the paperwork needed to go to. They asked if it was for me (before looking at the paper) and I said it was for my mom, not for me. The person was like, “It’s from your mom about you?” And I said, “No, its for my mom.” She still didn’t get it, and I again said, “It’s for my mom.” Then, she said, “It’s for your mom?” and started to hand it back to me, so I had to say, “It’s for my mom’s file.” Finally she got it. I thought I was speaking clearly, but apparently, she didn’t get it. I left a bit annoyed.

I fixed the IE sidebar issue on the Butterfly theme, and I decided to make the Sarah Jessica Parker (I Enjoy Being A Girl) theme the default theme. I still need to make more themes. I’ve got a lot of ideas for ones, and I should probably do them before my creative energy in my brain is drained. Oh, and I tried bringing my questions page over from before, but it wasn’t working, so I’ve set up a new page that seems to be WP compatible here. It will be more interactive, since I’ll be able to answer questions and if you want more explanation, you can ask.

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