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I had a test in Social Work this morning. I think I may have gotten a 64 on it. I may have done better than that. Most of what I think I missed was from the times I’d missed the class–when I was sick and when I had my (horrific) interview.

I got another call from Social Security. This time it was from the Disability office in Birmingham. The woman asked me quite a few questions, and I mentioned that I had asthma. All of a sudden, she needed to know all the problems I’m currently being treated for. (Thank God it wasn’t every problem I’ve ever had.) So, I told her that I also had acid reflux and joint problems, but I told her that I’m not actually being treated for joint problems. She then asked for all of the doctors who are currently treating me (again, I was glad that this wasn’t a full history thing) and I told her the names–my family doctor, my gynecologist, my allergist/asthma doctor. I remembered that I had forgotten one of my former psychiatrists when I originally filled out the information, so I told her that name as well. I have a feeling I’ll be getting more release forms to fill out for those doctors to send Social Security my medical information. Oh, and she told me that soon I would be scheduled for medical/psychological evaluations. I had wondered why no one had mentioned that yet, as I remembered that my mother had to go through appointments with doctors before she got on Disability.

I feel sorry for whoever has to copy my chart from my family doctor, and for whoever has to read it at Social Security. That is one big chart. It gets weeded out sometimes, but its still quite a few inches thick. When I was younger (actually until a few years ago), I was sick a lot. I had chronic ear infections when I was really little, and my asthma was horrible. (I used to be in the doctor’s office every week or 2 with either my ears, my asthma, or infections.) I’ve had stomach problems since I was 8. I had my gallbladder out when I was 13. I used to fall all the time and get hurt, or get hurt by just walking around. My chart has a lot of information in it.

My ear is still hurting badly, and yesterday afternoon, it started draining. That is absolutely icky. (Icky isn’t exactly a mature word, I know.) It’s also got a bit of blood in it. I know, that talking about this is all probably disgusting. I’m sorry.

Slowly, as you may be noticing, I’m adding new themes. You can switch themes by clicking one of the links under the header “Themes” on the right. As far as I know, the main page using Butterfly Dreams, Expecto Patronum & Off the Plane are valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional and valid CSS. I think that’s a pretty major accomplishment for me, since I never thought I could have valid anything. I’d love to know if any of you have some ideas for future themes that I could do. I’d like to have a good selection of themes.

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    I’ve actually had 1.5 for quite a while…I was just using a different style layout, instead of one with all of the includes from WP and plugins and stuff.

    The blood is not coming out from it very much…well, it did come out last night on my pillowcase while I was sleeping, but other than that, I’ve only noticed it on cotton balls I’ve put in my ears.

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