The Pain, The Pain 9

Well, I went to the doctor this morning, but not for my coldlike problem. Well, not exactly for it. I have developed 2 ear infections in my right ear–a middle ear infection and an outer ear infection. I was up most of the night last night with the pain from it. It was intense and horrible and I thought it would kill me. Needless to say, I didn’t feel like going to school today. I hope I’m able to go tomorrow.

The appointment with my doctor wasn’t exactly pleasant. Everyone was nice, but everyone had to tug on my ear and one of the nurses had to wash out my ear, which hurt a good bit. Then, after my doctor wrote a prescription for drops for my ear, he was going to write an antibiotic for me. I’m allergic to 4 antibiotics (Ceclor, Septra, Zithromax, and Penicillin), so I said, “This should be fun.” Well, he got a bit confused and looked at my chart again, and then asked if I was allergic to any antibiotics. I told him that I was and which ones I’m allergic to, and he said that when they changed my chart’s folder that they forgot to put on it which medicines I’m allergic to. I guess that it is good that I paid attention. Otherwise, I might have gotten a prescription for something that could kill me.

I got my interview summary thing yesterday from Social Security. I was shocked at how fast it got to me. I looked over everything and it looked correct. Of course, I still have to wait 3-5 months for the decision. 🙁 I wish I could twitch my nose or use a magic wand and make it speed up, but I can’t.

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9 thoughts on “The Pain, The Pain

  • Marie

    I am glad you got some medicine for your ear. It feels really funny when they clean your ear out.

  • Sarah

    Owies! I’m sorry about your ears. 🙁 Major suckage, man. I’ll pray for a not-so-painfull wait for that decision. 🙂

  • deb

    Sorry about your ear…ear infections can be very painful. That’s alot of antibiotic allergies..Im allergic to pennicilin myself. The Social Security thing usually takes less time than they tell you and it will be retroactive from the first day they received.

  • Janet
    Post author

    Well, I assume it came from the coldlike problem that I had been having problems with.

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