Harder to Breathe 7

I was traumatized today. We had our presentations in Camping and one guy did his on cooking. He brought in some soup, encouraged us to try it, and said that we should guess what was in it. It turns out that there was rabbit and deer meat in it. So, now that I’ve had Thumper and Bambi, I am thoroughly grossed out. I came home and brushed and flossed my teeth to get out any of the possible remnants from the soup. He should have warned us.

I’m sick again. This time its another cold-like thing. I can’t get in to see my family doctor and, even if I could, he wouldn’t do anything. He’s afraid of giving me antibiotics because I’m allergic to 4 different antibiotics. Now, he won’t give them to me unless I’m practically dying. My mom said I should call my allergist and tell her that I’m on the brink of getting bronchitis (which I am–my mom has already developed it) and need something for it. I need to see her anyway, but I’m a bit wary of setting up an appointment. I don’t know why, though.

I had my phone interview with the person from the Social Security office for my application for benefits. I guess that it went well, though my heart was racing and I was having trouble breathing (even moreso than I had been having from my being sick). As soon as I got off the phone, I went and took a Klonopin, which is something I should have done BEFORE the interview was to take place. I know that I get panicky on the phone, so I should prepare for these things.

I started a new network. I’m keeping Taboo, but I’m starting What’s Your Niche for cliques. I miss joining cliques, so I thought WYN would be a good solution to my inability to find/join cliques for things I’m interested in. It’s basically set up a bit like any other listing network thing, but it lists cliques. So, if you want to start a clique, then feel free to apply over at WYN and get started. Oh, and because of this new network, I’ve switched Eccentricity from my site collective to my cliques collective.

Oh, I would tape the Revelations thing, but of the two VCRs that we have, neither will record. My dad’s has this thing where it won’t recognize different channels, so I can’t get it on the proper channels to record. Mine, on the other hand, eats tapes like the Cookie Monster used to eat cookies. Oh well, if its any good and its just a miniseries thing, then it should be on DVD soon or at least on one of the cable channels being played like wild fire.

(Aurora, I’m glad to hear from you. I’d started getting a bit worried.)

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  • Jessica
  • Ally

    I hate when people do that with food. My ex in-laws were that way. They KNEW I didn’t want to eat deer. But they would mix it in with ground beef and tell me there was no deer. Then after the meal they’d go “you couldn’t tell the difference could you?”
    Well. Duh. It’s not about telling the difference, it’s about me not wanting to eat a damn deer.

  • Manila

    Hi Janet! Here I am, back from Chicago, finally returning your comments ^^ First of all, nice new layout!! =) I suppose, you are a Rachel / Ross shipper? ^^
    I think WYN is a cool idea! Somethings different and new – cool! =)
    See you!

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