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Well, I have a new diagnosis, though it isn’t all that new. My new psychiatrist believes that I’m Bipolar. I’ve never officially been Bipolar before. I used to have the diagnosis of Depression with Bipolar Tendencies, but not Bipolar. I guess it makes sense, since I’ve had mood swings, but I don’t really have mania. I tend to have more anger than I do mania.

My new diagnosis has brought a change in medication. I’ve been taken off Risperdal and my Effexor has been reduced from 225 to 150 mg. I’m now on Lamictal and Geodon. I’d heard of Lamictal before because my mom has taken it, but Geodon is totally new to me. I think its a new drug since I couldn’t find it in the Pill Book. I’m rather happy that I didn’t have to be put on any meds that I’ve had bad luck with in the past.

Right now I’m printing out the Adult Disability Starter Kit. I think I’ll look over it tonight, and then fill out the application tomorrow. Maybe I won’t. It looks like the ink in my printer has run out. I guess I’ll have to get more ink and then do the whole printing out thing. Or I can just look over the information while I’m online and fill out the forms while I’m on the computer.

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