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I feel bad that Jennifer is now having to watermark all of her pictures of Alyssa to keep anymore people from stealing them, but I wasn’t really shocked that someone stole the images and tried to pass them off as their own daughter. When I used to post on (back in 2001), people would do that sort of thing all the time. They would take pictures from the websites of other people and claim them as their own. They would do this with baby pictures, ultrasound pictures, and even pictures of themselves. I had people who I thought of as friends who did this, and I was always shocked when they were caught. I wish it were shocking to me that people did this sort of thing, but I’ve seen it happen in the past, so I don’t think of it as shocking anymore.

Today has been a big day in the Terry Schiavo case. A judge ruled that her feeding tube should be removed on March 18. I’d say that that’s not soon enough. I know that there are a lot of people out there who think that ending her life is cruel and unusual punishment, but I don’t think it is. I know a lot of people think that her husband is being selfish, which he may be, but I think her parents are being selfish, too. I think that they’re just keeping her alive because they don’t want her to die and don’t want to “lose” her. I think that they’ve already lost her. They claim that she should be kept alive because she grunts or she blinks, but these are just natural reactions that even people with extremely limited brain function have. Terry isn’t going to just magically wake up. She’s left this world, and all that remains is a shell. Her parents are fighting to keep a shell alive. They’re saying that pulling the tubes will cause her pain, but I saw a doctor on TV today say that she wouldn’t feel the pain. She’s too far gone.

I, for some odd reason, surfed over to Cao’s blog, even though I have a strong dislike for that site. Cao was talking about how cruel and unusual it would be to remove a feeding tube and allow someone to starve to death. I asked if that’s cruel and unusual, then wouldn’t pulling machines that aid in breathing be considered smothering and wouldn’t that be cruel? Of course, Cao said yes. So, I guess we should just leave everyone on machines against their will. Admittedly we don’t always know what a person wants, but does that mean that we should automatically keep them alive even though their “life” has ended? Aren’t we just keeping them alive for our own selfish reasons? Do we even care about the person at that point?

People say “we can’t starve a dog to death” and that’s true, but we can put animals to sleep. We aren’t allowed to do that with people, except death row inmates (who don’t seem to qualify as people according to some). We’re allowed to inject criminals and animals with drugs to end their lives because they committed a crime or (in the animals’ cases) they’ve gotten some disease or illness or are in the way. We can’t do that with terminally ill people, though. I think its weird that one of the justifications for keeping Terry alive is that we can’t do the same to animals, when if you pointed out all the cruel things that you can do to animals without getting punished or without getting much punishment, while you’d end up in jail for doing the same things to a human, then these same people who are using the argument would go “well, animals don’t deserve the same rights as humans”. Why, then, do humans deserve the same rights as animals?

So, how do you feel about life support, the right to die movement, etc.? Would you ever want to be put on life support? Or would you rather not be hooked up to machines/tubes?

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  • albert leyva

    in the end mankind has so much tech, that our ideas of right and wrong will have to change…other wise we will grow to hate the great things we have made with our minds and wills…

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