Distractions 17

The party went pretty well. There was pizza, cake, and a piata, among other things. I think this was Will’s first party where he had friends there. At least, it was the first that we had been invited to.

Nana saw Gretchen. She had her reaction that my family figured on, but she said she wouldn’t press the issue. It’s not that she doesn’t like animals/pets. She does like them. It’s just she doesn’t like when we get them, especially when we don’t have much money.

I thought of something today. I need distractions, like books, to keep my mind busy when I’m not at home, or even when I am at home, so that I won’t be as prone to thoughts of hurting myself. I just received lots of books from Kimberly, and that will help. But I was worried about what happens when I run out of books, so I thought about asking for y’all to donate to my paypal account so I can go buy some books. If you donate $2, I will run 1 468×60 banner, 1 100×35 button, and 1 88×31 button for 3 months for your site. If you donate $5, I will run 2 468×60 banners, 2 88×31 buttons, and 2 100×35 buttons for 6 months for your site. That’s a lot less than I charge to run that many ads. (Just buying 6 months of advertising for 1 468×60 would cost $8.) If you send $10 or more, I’ll advertise 3 of each size button/banner for the rest of the life of either this domain or of your site. If you don’t have buttons/banners, I can probably make them for you. (Oh, and Kimberly, since you sent so many books, I’ll do the $10 or more for you. Just let me know if you have the buttons/banners, or if I need to make them for you.) Just make the donation and then fill out the advertising form letting me know that you donated and which banners/buttons to use. 🙂

Now, I’ll probably get a lot of flack for that idea, or lose the respect of some people, but I thought I might as well see if anyone would participate.

Marilyn, St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th. 🙂

Oh, and those of you who have blogs should really go join BlogXchng. It’s a little like Provance, for those of you who are familiar with that, only instead of giving you random sites every day, it gives you sites in categories you specify on either weekends, weekdays, or every day. It’s just a very cool service.

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17 thoughts on “Distractions

  • Nat Marie

    Damn, why is that everyone wants money, and I can’t help? *sobs* good luck on the donations.

    I joined BlogXchng. I found it through here a few days.

  • Alx

    Piñata? Ohh so that’s more international nowadays!

    Books are good friends of the mind, they work in too many ways, you learn, you dream, and you get distracted.

  • Anwamian

    I wish I could help with the money-issue, but I don’t really have much money myself. I would suggest libraries, but I know that some people are afraid of libraries (partly including myself), so I won’t really suggest that. Sorry for not being any good. *wince*

  • Maire

    When I get my check at the end of the month I will try to donate. I don’t get much money being on disability 🙁 (because I’m bipolar). I am going to go check that site out now 🙂 bye bye

  • Normies

    Geesh, i have been having problems Commenting, i thinks its my AOL browser. That advertisement thing sounds kinda neat…hmm.

  • Jen

    Distractions are good. At least you have the same opinion of them as I do. They divert your mind from more boring things. Anyway, books sound like a good idea, but my Paypal is currently empty, so I’m sorry I can’t do much.

  • LiYan
  • Jem

    Asking for cash in exchange for a service such as advertising is not the same as begging, so why anyone would give you flack for this post, I have no idea.

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