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I just upgraded the WordPress to 1.5. So far there don’t appear to be any problems, but if you see anything wrong, please let me know. Normally, I don’t install new versions this quickly, but something just said to me to go check WP to see if 1.5 was ready yet and it was.

I get to go to my cousin’s son’s birthday party in a few hours. His 5th birthday is today. I used to be really jealous of him, but now not so much. I try to remember that he’s little and I’m grown, but sometimes I still can’t help but get jealous. I was pretty much the baby for 16 years, so not being the baby has been rough, but I think I’m almost adjusted to the role.

My blood work results were fine. My doctor wants to check my B12 levels next time, though. I figured that was coming. I guess I just have to make sure I take the B12 pills between now and June. That way my levels will be fine. Of course, I should make sure I take the pills without worrying about some silly test results.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I really appreciate them. 🙂 And thank you to Aneesah for the birthday gift. I need to add a special page for the gifts I’ve gotten.

Oh, and I received one more gift last night. My mom and dad got me a pair of jeans, a green shirt, and a Care Bear hoodie jacket that says “Lucky” on it. Very nice. My mom said it would be good for me to wear on St. Patrick’s Day.

ETA: My Nana just called. Apparently, my Aunt and Uncle won’t be at the party because my Uncle has come down with the flu. This means my Nana won’t have anyone to ride with, so she’s coming over here. She doesn’t know about Gretchen, though. We haven’t told her because she tends to not like it when we get new pets. I would call my mom to let her know, but I left my bags in the car yesterday and my phone is in one of the bags. My mom happens to have the car at work with her. So, Nana will arrive and meet Gretchen, and I have no way of letting my mom know because I don’t know her number. I guess I could go rummage for the boxes the phones came in because the number is somewhere on the box. Oh well. This should be interesting.

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