New Skins: I Turn to You, My Only Love, and Faded Memories

I just put up 3 new skins: “I Turn to You”, featuring pictures from Bend It Like Beckham, “My Only Love”, featuring pictures from Romeo & Juliet (the version with Leonardo DiCaprio), and “Faded Memories”, featuring pictures from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I’m leaving “All Dressed Up” as the default skin for now, though. Oh, and IE users may notice that I have fixed the layouts so they actually display properly in IE. They had been working fine in Firefox, but not as well in IE. I fixed that yesterday.

I have 2 new sites, Comedic Moments, a screen capture directory/network for Friends & Joey, and Magical Moments, a screen capture directory/network for Charmed. Both are patterned after Freeze Frame, the Buffy & Angel screen capture directory/network.

I can’t believe its less than a week until my birthday. Next Thursday is the “big” day. I’ll finally be old enough to drink, but I won’t be a day closer to actually wanting to drink. Each year, I look forward to growing older even less. I guess that’s normal for people to do, but I think it usually sets in after their twenties are over with.

Hmm…maybe its a good thing that I’m not on Adderall anymore. Of course, I do miss being able to actually pay attention in class and when I’m studying. I guess lack of attention is better than having a stroke or heart attack.

Plugs: Aldo, Aurora, Babz, Chelsea, Kat, Kendra, Kimm, Kristin, Kristin, Lien, Manila, Sara, Shasta

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7 thoughts on “New Skins: I Turn to You, My Only Love, and Faded Memories”

  1. Ooooh yay Thursday is your birthday! Grats on being old enough to drink. I feel like you do most of the time. I hate getting older. Getting older means more responsibility. 🙁

  2. I love the new skins. I use IE and your older skins looked fine in it, but good job on fixing to be compatible with other browsers. I’d do that but I’m too lazy, of course lol.

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