New Skin: What Do I Have To Do

I just added a new skin. It features screen captures from the Buffy episode “Normal Again”, which was the episode where Buffy was poisoned by a demon, which caused her to have hallucinations that she was in a mental institution. I really like the episode, and I can kind of relate to it. Of course, making another Buffy skin has caused half of my skins to be Buffy-related. I don’t mind that, but I feel like I’m neglecting some of my other favorite fandoms.

Gretchen is doing well. She’s getting into trouble, which is what puppies do. I feel a little bad for Molly because almost everytime Gretchen gets into trouble, we say Molly instead. We’re just so used to Molly being the one who gets in trouble.

I found out yesterday that I don’t have to renew my domain this year. Apparently, last year in the whole transfer/renewing drama, I ended up getting two years of time instead of one. It doesn’t mean I save any money. It just keeps me from having to go through any renewal drama this year. That’s a big yay. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jen, when I said that the infirmary was on the boy’s side of campus, I meant that it was on the side with the dorms for the guys. We don’t have segregated classes, just segregated dorms. Oh, and we do have to apply to get into our upper years of Social Work. We have to go through an interview process, and I think she may get kicked out during the process, but then again, if she tells them that her intent is to go into law, then they might just let her through.

ETA: The skin image is supposed to look kind of fragmented. It’s a representation of mental illness and the fragmentation that is felt when you go through that. I thought I’d add that explanation, since at a board some people decided to say it wasn’t blended properly. It isn’t supposed to be done “properly”. It is stylized.

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  1. Oh pretty new skin! Yeah, that’s good that you don’t have to renew your domain. I hate going through all that hassle of transferring and renewing and such.

  2. Oh I’m loving your new skin; but I’m specially loving your new baby…looks a lot like my own doggie, aren’t they the most lovely thing on earty?

  3. you know what? i think it’s great that your visitors can comment on past entries. cause sometimes they cant relate or doesn’t have anything to say to your current one. like right now. lol. not a great buffy fan but great skin nonetheless. ๐Ÿ˜€

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