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Gretchen at the Jackson County SPCA

This is Gretchen. (The picture was from her entry on PetFinder.) We just got her day before yesterday. She’s a 4 month old PBGV mix. She’s so sweet and cute and friendly. At first we were having to keep her in her kennel for long periods of time because Xander wasn’t exactly happy to see her. She’s got tapeworms, but we’ve given her some medicine for that, so hopefully, she’ll get better from that soon. She’s also got a bit of an off-set jaw, but that’s probably because it had been broken (either by being kicked or stepped on when she was younger) and healed kind of funky.

Xander didn’t get along with Gretchen at first, and we think it was because she smelled like a boy and he doesn’t like boy dogs. She smelled like a boy because as we were on our way to the SPCA to pick her up, there was a small dog on the side of the road who had been hit by a car. We picked it up and took it to the SPCA. Since all we had to put him in was her kennel, he made her kennel smell like a boy. We couldn’t scrub it down really well before we put her in it, so by the time we got home, Gretchen smelled like a boy. Yesterday, she, Xander, and Molly got baths, so they all smelled clean. By this morning, Xander had figured out that Gretchen was indeed a girl, so he’s been happy to see her.

I left class on Thursday somewhat happy. Most of my happiness was from knowing that we were going to go pick up Gretchen, but part of my happiness came from finding out that I’m not the only one in my Social Work class that doesn’t really like the girl who said that Andrea Yates should be hanged for her crime. Before class, one of the guys said something about her. Then, during class, the teacher brought up a case of 2 boys who had drawn a violent picture and had been sent to jail because of it. Sending the children to jail was alarming to most of the class, but not to this girl. She figured it was okay because the boys were probably “on their way to being serial killers” and the cops “had to know that these boys were a threat before arresting them”. Talk about jumping to conclusions. She’s also asked the teacher if we really have to be an advocate for all members of a family if we didn’t like the parents. She just wants to be an advocate for the children in a family if the parents have problems. Of course, we kind of found out why. She wants to be a lawyer…obviously a prosecutor because I don’t think she’d last 10 seconds as a defense attorney. One girl in my class described this girl as abrasive. She said that was the only way to describe her. I pointed out after class that abrasive wasn’t the only way to describe this girl…it was just the only NICE way to describe her.

Sam, maybe I don’t want to be “me” anymore. Maybe I would rather not be paranoid or hear voices or see things. I’m sick of feeling like someone is following me when they’re not and questioning if things that are really there are just illusions or not. I don’t want to take a million drugs, but I don’t want to live my life rocking myself back and forth because the things in my head are driving me so crazy. I want to be able to walk into a room and not feel like the whole world is out to get me. I would love to be able to sit back and say, “Well, this is who I am, so this is how I’m supposed to live my life”, but I’m tired of feeling scared and out of my mind. I know I will never feel “normal”. I know that to some degree, even with drugs, I’ll always have these symptoms. I just need some reprieve from them for a while. I’m tired of being “me”.

My mom and I have been talking about my problems more and more…mainly because after being stuck in the dorm room and at school on Monday and Wednesday nights, I need to tell someone what has been going on in my head. She suggested that maybe I should go to the infirmary on campus. They would probably refer me back to the MHC, but they might be able to get me into see a different doctor and they might be able to get me into see someone faster. I may do that. Of course, first, I would have to find the infirmary. I know its towards the boys’ side of campus, but I’m not quite sure where it is.

Oh, I was really surprised the other day when I got home from being on campus. _dona had gotten me The Life of David Gale DVD from my wishlist. At first, I thought maybe it was an early birthday present (since my birthday is in less than 3 weeks) or that I had won something from, but then I opened it and found out who it was from and I was just very happy. I love the movie, so I look forward to watching it. 🙂

If you have a LiveJournal and you would like to be a part of a group that grants birthday wishes, then please go join bday_wishes. There was a similar group for Christmas, and it was really popular, so I set this one up for birthdays. You don’t have to buy anyone anything, unless you choose to. You can send e-cards or make icons. It’s not just a “buy me this” group.

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