Golden Smiles 8

Leo won last night at the Golden Globes. I’m so happy for him. He’s been my favorite actor for almost 7 years, and its about time for him to start winning major awards. Of course, my father and I have started arguing about who deserves the Oscar for Best Actor more. Well, not necessarily who deserves it more, but who we think will win. I want Leo to win. My dad thinks it will be Jamie Foxx, which is probably true, but my dad thinks that Leo is “too young and too pretty” to even get a nomination. He’s 30. He’s not too young. He was like 19 when he got his first (and only one so far) nomination. I won’t be mad if Jamie wins the Oscar and Leo doesn’t because from what I’ve seen Jamie did do an incredible job in Ray, but I will be a bit mad if Leo doesn’t get nominated for the Oscar, though.

I was rather annoyed that Kate Winslet and Jennifer Garner didn’t win their respective awards. I thought Kate was incredible in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but I guess that maybe the movie is too complex to get any awards. And Jennifer Garner rocks on Alias, so of course she needed to win.

Anyways…I’m not in school today because its Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. I’m glad to have the time off, but I’m not really getting to rest or relax. I never get to rest or relax. I don’t even know if I know how to rest or relax. I’m always stressed out over something. I need to learn how to stop being like that.

My knees still hurt from working at The Ark on Saturday. They have huge bruises on them from getting up and down off the concrete floors. The bruises make me dread working there tomorrow afternoon. Knowing my luck, by the end of this semester, the bruises will probably have spread to my whole body.

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8 thoughts on “Golden Smiles

  • Jo

    I’d like to see Jamie Foxx win an Oscar. I don’t care for Leo too much, but he is a good actor (does that make sense???
    lol.) He’s not too young to win…. I think younger have won, much younger.

  • chels

    I was really surprised that Leo won actually. I’m sooo happy that Jaime Foxx won for Ray!! He’s such a great actor 🙂

  • Andrea
  • Tessi
  • Lien

    I’ve heard of the golden globes… I’ve read an article about it in the newspaper, but I’m already forgotten what it all was about :blush:. I’ll just wait for the oscars now =)

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