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Well, classes started yesterday and I stayed on campus overnight. My roommate was nice, and I met one of my other suitemates and she was also nice. (There are 2 bedrooms to a dorm suite, so there are 4 people per suite.) It was all quite nice, except for the part where I had to stay overnight away from home. I mean, the bed was comfortable, the bathroom worked, and everything was okay, but I didn’t want to be there…I stayed in my room from the time classes ended for me yesterday until classes started this morning, with the exception of my trips to the cafeteria.

Speaking of the cafeteria, I went to eat lunch yesterday and I had my student ID/meal ticket all ready like everyone else. Well, when I got there, I had no account. Apparently, my meal ticket hadn’t been paid, so I didn’t have “lunch”. My mom had packed some snack size popcorn, so I ate that for lunch yesterday. Then, I remembered that I had some money packed away, so I got to have dinner that night. I had to pay $4.25 to get 1 piece of pizza, a small piece of cake, and a cup of milk. I thought I should’ve gotten a cheaper price, since I don’t eat much. I mean, $4.25 is a great deal if you’re eating 2-6 plates full of food, but I didn’t eat very much, so it was a lot for me. When I ate, I kind of imposed on this girl I didn’t know. I asked her if I could sit at the table with her and she said okay, so I guess it was okay, but I felt a little uncomfortable. The place was filled with people when I went last night, so I decided I’d go as soon as it opened this morning for breakfast (which costs $3.25). It wasn’t as busy, but, though I was down there before the cafeteria opened, I was behind the football team. I got to eat breakfast with my roommate, so I didn’t feel like I was imposing as much.

As for the classes, they’re okay, I guess. My Health teacher seemed nice, but she says her class is not “easy” like one would expect. My Camping/Outdoor education teacher never showed up for class, so I didn’t exactly get to decide how that class would go. My Biology teacher talked to us for about 5 minutes and let us go. My English teacher decided it was too hot in the building we were in so she let us go after about 5 minutes. My Social Work class, though, was not as fast to let out or as easy-going as the other classes. I like my teacher, she’s also my advisor, but I have this bad feeling about the class. I kept having mini-anxiety attacks and started crying every few minutes. Anyways…the teacher described the process we’d have to go through for the class, including volunteer time, getting to know her better, and, eventually, going through an interview to determine if we were allowed to enter the program officially. She kind of described what type person would get picked to go in the program, and I’m afraid that I’m not necessarily stable and happy enough to end up in the program. I know that I’d be a good social work student and that I’d make a good Social Worker, but I’m afraid that my problems are going to screw over those chances.

Oh, I fell asleep between my Biology and Social Work classes. Since I got out after 5 minutes, I went ahead and walked up to the Social Work building. There’s a couch on the 2nd floor, where my class is, so I sat down and I fell asleep. I heard people walking by and talking, but I was pretty much asleep for about 30-45 minutes.

I’ve had trouble over the past day with my emotions. I know, I have problems all the time, but last night and today I’ve just been crying off and on, it seems like every other minute sometimes. Anything can set me off. I think I’m just on edge with the staying at the dorm part-time and newness of classes. My anxiety level is just really high.

I appreciate the kind comments from the last entry. 🙂

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