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Yesterday I stated on my LJ that I was dreading school starting today. Well, there was no reason to dread it. Apparently, I got the date wrong, and classes don’t start back until Monday. I didn’t find out until after I got there, though. Actually, I found out about 20 minutes after I’d gone into the classroom for my first class. A teacher poked his head in and told me classes don’t start until the 10th. I was a bit embarrassed. I felt kind of like an idiot for messing up the dates like that. Oh well, at least I have a few more days off. It’s too bad I won’t be getting the sleep back that I missed this morning.

Aurora, its not just your posts that get monitored. Everyone’s do. Ever since I started getting between 20-300 spam comments a day, its just been easier to monitor them all.

Andrea Yates’ conviction was overturned today. I’m really happy that this means she can get a new trial…hopefully a trial that will recognize the severity of her mental illness and that will end with a not guilty by reason of insanity verdict. I’ve thought for the past 2 (almost 3) years that what this woman really needed was mental health care, not prison time. I know that a lot of people get upset with the thought of her not being in prison because she did kill her 5 children. Still, you have to take into account what was going on with this woman’s mind. She was in psychosis. She thought what she was doing would save her children. She wasn’t a monster or some vicious person. Had she been on anti-psychotics at the time, chances are, her kids wouldn’t have been killed. Had her husband had someone with her (at all times) to take care of the kids, chances are she wouldn’t have killed them. Of course, I better not get into how I feel about her husband.

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  • Sammii

    As I know very little about Andrea Yates I don’t think it’s right that I comment about it.
    That sounds embarrasing what happened to you. And actually sitting in class lol. Bless ya!

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