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Well, some important things have happened in my life. I got my Driver’s Permit yesterday. The state trooper thought I was 15 until he looked at my birth certificate. He asked me if this was my first time taking the test. Then, after I passed, he asked me if I was ready to take the road test tomorrow (meaning today). What?! I guess some people go in there knowing how to drive already. I was just a bit shocked that he expected me to already know how to drive. I know a lot of 20-year olds (most, probably) know how to drive and have their licenses already, but I don’t know how to drive and I’m not really keen on learning.

I got my dorm room set up on Sunday, so now I can stay on Monday and Wednesday nights. I’m not really looking forward to that at all. I left my roommate a note saying I wouldn’t be there until next week. I’m very anxious about this whole thing. I’m sure my roommate is nice, but what if she’s not? I know its just two nights a week, but I’m very nervous about it any way.

Tomorrow Alias comes on. Woohoo! It’s about damn time that its back on. I have missed it dearly. I hope my roommate won’t mind my watching Alias every Wednesday night because I don’t intend on missing it. I’m very habitual about my watching Alias. Heh…I’m habitual about just about everything.

There were some posts recently on a board I go to that bugged me. One was about how some people talk about having psych problems when they don’t really have them. That part of the thread didn’t bug me, but then someone said that people who talk about their problems all the time just want attention. I don’t think that’s true. I’ve talked about my problems on my blog/journal for 3 (4 in March) years, since I got my first online diary. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted attention for them. I’ve asked if people were reading, but I didn’t expect any attention or sympathy because of them. In fact, over the years, I’ve learned that my problems seem to scare people away or they cause people to leave hateful remarks about my being “psycho” or “insane”.

Another thing that bugged me was that this guy/girl posted about how a person could basically build the perfect website. On this perfect site, a person would have no commenting system, no skins, wouldn’t have much of a “personal” section, would have blog entries that this person finds interesting, no plugs would be done, etc. If the person makes the site for themself, then he/she says that the person has no reason for having the site. If the person makes a site that he/she thinks is a waste, then that person has wasted a domain name that someone else could’ve used. Now, I understand not liking some websites, but to make an entire thread about how a site could be best made to fit this person’s standards is just insane. Some of his/her points were interesting, but it seemed like he/she was just on there to basically call everyone’s websites “failures” according to that person’s standards. Very annoying.

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  • Jennifer

    sorry…forgot to add…haha…you’re 20 so obviously you won’t have to drive w/ your parents…but i’m not sure about the teenagers.

  • natasha

    plll. that post bugged me too. she thinks she knows everything because she took a psyche class.. i think she a pseudo-
    intellectual loser. anyway. congrats on the permit! and good luck with the roomate.

  • Jessica

    Hey 🙂 When I first started driving I hated it, I didn’t even want to get my license. But a year later I like it, not love it, I don’t want to drive all the time but if I have to drive it’s not a problem. I think you just have to get used to it. And I also moved into a dorm, but it was in the end of August. I have a roommate and two suitemates but everyone turned out to be cool and it’s really cool living there. Good luck with that, I know it’s nervewracking and stuff.

    – Jess 🙂

  • Angela
  • Aurora

    Am I just on auto “moniter Aurora she’s a bad apple”? because my comments never go straight through:( Do I just drop the F bomb and not even notice? Sorry…

  • Jem

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