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Well, I’ve gotten most of the stuff up for my Kate Winslet fansite (The Kate Revolution). I still need to add quite a bit to it, but I wanted to get it up and running before the New Year. I made a special Kate-themed mood theme for LJ. 🙂 It’s available on TKR, so if you have a paid account and love Kate, then please go snag it. 🙂 I’m working on one featuring her as Rose and then maybe one of her as Clementine.

I feel awful today. My sinus infection has not gotten better. I feel like crap and I probably look like crap, too.

Elriowiel, thanks for recommending the comment plugging plug-in. I’ll try and check that out. 🙂

Jo, well, now I eat less of foods at a time, so that helps. I walk twice a day. I don’t know how I wound up losing anything in the past few weeks because I’ve had quite a bit of fudge and other holiday goodies. I try not to eat too much food of any kind; it hurts quite a bit when I overeat and sometimes I get very sick. So, basically, I try not to eat too much and I walk twice a day. I guess that’s worked.

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  • Jo

    thanks for the advice. it’s so hard to lose weight, esp. when you wanna eat all the good foods. in the summer it’d be easier for me to walk, since I could take the baby…. but right now, it’s too cold. I guess I’ll just eat good and do some sort of exercise. I just wish it was easier. lol.

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