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I ran into a girl I went to elementary and middle school with today. Actually, we kind of just passed each other in the parking lot at the grocery store. When I saw her, something dawned on me. I was smaller than she was. She had made fun of me and given me such a hard time growing up because I weighed more than her. Now, she’s bigger than me. It’s funny in that ironic sort of way.

According to the scales at Nana’s house, I’m down to 229, which means I’ve lost 112 pounds. Of course, her scales could be off, but still that gives me hope. I’d started feeling like I wasn’t losing anything anymore, even though some of my clothes have been starting to fall off of me. So, I’m rather happy that I’m not just plateaued. I’m just slowly moving down the scales, which is cool. Of course it is a little frustrating because I was losing so much so fast last year and now I’m having to be more patient about the weight loss.

My sinuses are still giving me problems. My mom took me to Target this morning so I could pick up “Fallen” by Evanescence. I used some of my Christmas money for it. I had already gotten “Autobiography” by Ashlee Simpson at Wal-Mart, but they didn’t have “Fallen”. I wanted to get Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but I couldn’t find it at either store. Anyways…while my mom and I were walking at Target, I thought I was going to fall over at certain points because my head feels so bad from this sinus infection. 🙁 I hate being sick. I always get sick at this time of year, and it always sucks.

I’m almost done getting everything ready for my Kate Winslet fansite. I still need to make some wallpapers, LJ icons, and LJ mood themes. I haven’t really started working on stuff for the Buffy/Angel and Alias sites. If I were on the computer more, then I could probably get more done, but I’m trying to not stay on way too long each day. I guess eventually I will get everything ready for the sites. Quite a few people have offered to help with the B/A site, but I haven’t really gotten any response for the Alias one.

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