Merry Christmas 7

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Christmas was awesome. I woke up at 4:45, but I was able to go back to sleep for another hour before I just absolutely had to get up. It’s weird. I was planning on waiting until 7:30 or so, but I guess there’s some little alarm in my body that makes me get up at 6:00 on Christmas. My parents and I opened presents together, then we ate breakfast and started getting ready to go to Nana’s house. We had lunch at Nana’s at 12, I guess. Then, at the insistance of Will (my cousin’s son), we opened presents as soon as everyone had finished. He’s only 4, so he was just really excited. Like usual, my parents and I were the last to leave for home. We left after 3.

Here’s a list of things I’ve gotten (from people online, my parents, and my other family members):
– several LJ icons
– a Hello Kitty cloth
– 2 teddy bears
– a thing of cappucino mix
– Alias season 3 DVDs
– 3 Harry Potter movies
– a squishy pillow
– a purple fleece thing from Old Navy
– a journal
– Buffy seasons 2, 4, and 7 on DVD
– a DVD player that my mom and I got at Radio Shack for $20
– 2 keychains
– 2 pairs of PJ pants
– a PJ top
– a blue t-shirt with a silver glitter J on it
– 2 stuffed puppy toys
– a pack of low-sugar chocolate candy
– 2 Danskin tops
– a Danskin jacket
– a personalized magnet
– a kitty angel pin
– a pair of gloves

My mom made sure to stress that much of the stuff she had gotten me came from clearance racks, which is totally cool with me. I love clearance rack shopping. I think its a better way to get things sometimes. Yeah, sometimes you’re a season or two behind with the styles, but I just think its really cool.

Molly is being so silly. This is the first Christmas that we’ve had her, and, as far as we know, its her first year to get to celebrate Christmas. She was excited when she opened her presents, and whenever she sees any gift bags, she runs to see what is in them. (Her presents came in a gift bag.) She also has been going through the trash, which she does anyway, but today she’s looking for gift wrap and stuff like that. She wants every present to be her present. It’s cute, but we’re having to put everything out of her reach.

So, things can’t all be peachy, can they? I must find something to rant about. So, what shall I rant about? Well, this isn’t really a rant, as much as it is just something that kind of bugs me. Why is it that some families (including my own) eat ham on Christmas? We’re celebrating the birth of a Jewish boy by eating ham. That just seems strange. I’ve asked my parents about this, and no one can really give me a straight answer. I know that during his life, Jesus made it okay to eat things in a less kosher fashion, but that was during his life…though his birth happened in his life, it wasn’t really during the time he made it okay. So, basically, it just seems kind of strange that we eat this meat to celebrate his birth.

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  • Jo
  • Tara

    Glad you had a good Christmas Janet. I’m usually the first up too but my brother beat me this year! Santa was good to you!

  • Paris

    wow. you got some good stuff for christmas. i think it’s okay that you get clearance stuff. geez. when i was little, i was happy i got stuff as long as it was new, and not from a yard sale.

    well. ham is usually a food eaten during celebration, and jesus’ birth is something to celebrate, therefore we eat ham 😀

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