The Nurse That Drove Me Crazy 3

I just got back from my appointment with the nurse at the Mental Health Center a few minutes ago, and I am not a happy person right now. First, she gave me a hard time because I hadn’t called ahead of time to tell her that I was running out of Risperdal samples, so I needed more. I hadn’t been told to do this. In fact, I was told by Austin (the financial aid guy) and Kathy (the therapist) that I needed to tell the nurse AT my appointment that I needed more Risperdal samples to hold me over until I start getting it from the assistance program. My next problem was getting an Effexor prescription so that I can get signed up for that assistance program. She needed to get the doctor to write it, which I totally understood, but then she was looking through my chart and the only documented dose she could find was for 150 mg, which is how much I was on a few months ago. Shortly before I started to the MHC, my psychiatrist upped the dose to 225. I told her this. I’ve told this to Kathy, Austin, and the psychiatrist. Surely someone must have written down the new dosage. Finally she wrote down what I needed, but I can’t pick up the prescription until after Monday (because of the holiday). Another problem I had was she kept asking about my gastric bypass surgery because she’d had the surgery. She spent more time nagging me with questions about how many ounces of water I was taking in (I don’t know, I just know I drink enough to not feel thirsty or sick) or about if I was getting enough protein. She learned more about my surgery than she did about my ongoing problems with paranoia and hallucinations. I had a list of things I needed to talk about and needed the doctor to know. I barely got through half the list. I didn’t get to say a thing about the paranoia. I didn’t get to say a thing about my increasing problem with getting angry, though I’m fairly certain that my attitude towards her should’ve ensured that she knew anger was an issue for me. She argued with me at one point over what my Risperdal is for. She was telling me it was for my hallucinations, before she had read that I had them. I told her that it was not for my hallucinations, it was for my inability to sleep at night. No, she had to be right. I know that Risperdal is prescribed for hallucinations…it’s an anti-psychotic. I also know why I’m on the drug. I also know that the psychiatrist hasn’t given me anything for my hallucinations, paranoia, or any other symptoms like that. Oh, and I know that for someone my age that 0.75 mg of Risperdal probably would do jack squat for hallucinations, since the normal dose for that problem is typically quite a bit higher. UGH! I’m not an idiot. I wanted to scream and throw things at this woman. (She wasn’t helping my anger.) I didn’t, though. I just gritted my teeth and answered things in a bitter tone that even a total idiot would recognize as anger. She wanted my next appointment with the psychiatrist to be in March. The scheduling person decided to give me an appointment on my birthday (February 17), though. I do not ever want to see that nurse again.

Lately, I’ve been a little annoyed by some people who are self-proclaimed Atheists saying that they’re celebrating Christmas. I don’t mind if Atheists donate things to children’s charities or even adult charities during the holidays, but it just seems wrong for people who make it a point to mock Christians the rest of the year to celebrate one of the most important days for Christians. I understand if they have a Christian family or something, but some of them don’t. They just seem to be celebrating to get the gifts, and that seems wrong. I know I’ve been big on gifts this year, but I also believe in celebrating Christmas as Jesus’s birthday, even though its technically being celebrated on the wrong day. At least I’m spiritual and I don’t make it a point to mock Christians. I just don’t understand the people who act like they hate all things Christian celebrating a Christian holiday. (Oh, and I realize that not all Atheists mock Christians or hate Christians. My main problem is with those who do mock or hate Christians celebrating the holiday.)

I’ve received two of the most beautiful Christmas/Holiday cards I have ever seen. One is from Lexa and the other is from Lady Emma. I am so thankful for both and both are just absolutely gorgeous.

I’m currently printing out the Alabama State Driver’s Manual. I have to take the permit test next week. I don’t really want to learn how to drive, but I have to get the permit so that I can get a checking account so that I can pay for my domain. I’ll just have to buckle down, take some Adderall, and study really hard and pass that test. I should’ve gotten the permit already, but I kept putting it off and kept putting it off. I can’t put it off any longer.

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  • Trang

    Yes. I understand that. But I PAYED her for this. Others have payed her for things over a year ago and they didn’t even recieve what they needed. This is STEALING. If you offer service for a price and people pay you and you don’t do anything. That’s just plain wrong.

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