Cringeworthy 2

Everytime I hear about the Michael Jackson case, I cringe. Not because I think he’s guilty because (surprise!) I don’t. I think he’s being railroaded. Honestly, I think if he were truly a pedophile, he would’ve molested Macaulay Culkin, who has said (quite convincingly) that he was not molested by Michael Jackson. I know MC was famous, but I don’t think that Jackson would’ve cared if he were truly the monster that the prosecution of the case seems to want to make him out to be. Okay, maybe he gave the kid (in the case) wine, but I talk to people online whose parents have let them have wine…their parents aren’t be prosecuted. Maybe he let the kid look at a porn magazine or program. I’ve heard of fathers giving their sons Playboy and other magazines like that, and they don’t get prosecuted. I don’t necessarily think that giving a kid wine or letting him look at a porn magazine is right, but I don’t know that it is so wrong that you have to try to ruin a man’s life, career, and reputation over it. I think if Michael Jackson had been molesting kids for so many years, like has been alleged, that there would be a lot more people who would’ve come forward and filed charges. You can claim that he gave people money to keep quiet, but, even as wealthy as he has been, he only has so much money. And if a person is willing to take money to keep quiet about something like that, it really makes me wonder about their credibility in the first place. I don’t know…this whole case against him just seems wrong.

Over the weekend, I heard something else that disturbed me. There are reports that the US military is using napalm to fight insurgents in Iraq. Napalm was banned by the UN in 1980, but apparently George Bush has sanctioned its use. How is this okay? How can we justify using such a horrific weapon against these people? I know that the insurgents are attacking innocent people, but how do we know that when we use napalm against them that we’re not going to hurt or kill some innocent person? And how can it be okay to use it even on the insurgents? We didn’t want Saddam to have nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons, but its okay for us to have them. How is that fair? This is wrong. It is just absolutely wrong. There can’t be any justification for it.

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