Arthritic Baby 2

Well, we found out what’s wrong with Molly. She has arthritis. 🙁 She’s so young to have it, too. I mean, you don’t usually associate arthritis with a 2 year old. The vet prescribed some meds for her to take for a couple of weeks and then told us to give it to her when she flares up after that. She’s been in a very cuddly mood since we found out, and now we’re afraid to get up when she’s in our laps because we don’t want to hurt her.

It’s only a week until Christmas Day. Woohoo. 🙂 Maybe once Christmas has passed, some of the stress will have passed. Nah. Let’s face it. I’m going to be stressed out regardless of whether I’m in school or out of it or whether its Christmastime or no longer Christmastime. I’m just a naturally stressed out person.

I don’t usually watch reality tv, but I end up hearing about who won what on tv and stuff, so when I heard that Kelly (the guy) won on The Apprentice, I wasn’t really shocked. I really doubted that Trump was going to hire anyone who didn’t have a Y chromosome. He’s not really an equal opportunity sort of guy. I’m not saying that Jen should have won because she was a woman because I don’t know who should have won…I’m just saying that it makes sense that he picked a guy to run a part of his company.

Oh, and why is it that I never seem to get coherent questions on my questions section? I get a lot of half questions or questions that I just don’t get. I also get some perverted questions. I don’t get why I can’t get normal questions like other people.

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