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I feel really bad for Molly. She’s got a hurt paw/arm again. Today, she’s been limping around the living room moaning and its obvious she’s hurting really bad. I wish I could take her pain away from her, but I can’t. Right now she’s sleeping, which I think is good…it keeps her off her paw and out of some of the pain she goes through when she’s up walking around.

I wish my grades would get here already. I know I’m being impatient, and its silly to expect them already…I’m just nervous. I’m sure I maintained the GPA I needed in order to keep my scholarship, but I’m still worried that I may have gotten like a 3.39 or something and that I’ll be kicked out of the diversity scholarship program. If that happens, I can’t go to school anymore until I sign up for financial aid…assuming that I can qualify this year.

It’s 2 months and 2 days until I turn 21. If I were into drinking, that would be an exciting thing for me, but since I don’t drink…it doesn’t really matter. I’m starting to feel old, especially on a lot of the boards I go to. I mean, its not that I’m the oldest person at those boards…its just I’m usually one of the oldest people and that sometimes makes it hard to relate. I can relate to some people who are in their early teens, but some I can’t relate to at all.

Ever since the Scott Peterson death penalty recommendation, I’ve seen some posts on some of the boards that I visit about him and about the death penalty. One person said that she thought that people should be put to death within 5 years of being sentenced. Why? Well, apparently, if their attorney can’t prove they’re innocent within that amount of time, then they deserve to die. I wonder if that person has thought of how many innocent people could be killed by taking that approach. Another person said they thought the crime rate would go down if we executed more people. If that were true, then wouldn’t Australia, England, Germany, and New Zealand all have sky-high murder rates? Instead, the US has a murder rate over 6 times larger than each of them. I really don’t see how the death penalty is lowering our murder rate. A lot of people who commit the act of murdering someone don’t think about the possibility of the penalty they might face. Even people who think about and plan their crimes don’t usually think about being punished for committing that crime. Oh, and there are the people who say the death penalty saves tax payers in the long run. It doesn’t. It costs at least 3 times more to execute a person than it does to keep that same person in jail for life.

Angela, all of the reasons you gave for why you think Scott Peterson is guilty are circumstantial. There is no physical proof that he did it. Sure, there is a lot of proof that he’s a jerk, but there is no physical evidence to say that Scott killed Laci. And he wouldn’t have been receiving conjugal visits from Amber Frey because she broke up with him quite a while ago. Oh, and I don’t think I would say that he would’ve been crying the whole time at the trial if he didn’t do it. Sometimes people don’t react in a normal fashion…even people who are not guilty of the crime they are accused of committing. Some people laugh at inappropriate times. Others will cry when they shouldn’t. Some will even sit stone-faced. Admittedly, his attitude does resemble that of a sociopath, but that doesn’t mean that he is one. There was one case in Texas of a man who was drugged by the prosecution and ended up looking strange at his trial. He was put on death row, and part of the reason (aside from the purely circumstantial case) was that he looked so strange at the trial. He doesn’t even remember the trial now. Oh, and he was innocent. You can never be sure that a person is acting strange because they committed a crime. Sometimes, there is something else going on.

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  • Aurora

    I turn 21 a few days after you… I can’t wait. It seems like a “young” number. Unlike 20… when I turned 20 I felt so old. It was depressing.

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