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I had therapy this morning. The therapist wants me to see my psychiatrist again soon because she thinks that I may need to be on my Adderall despite the suspected side effects. She also told me that I could probably concentrate better if I exercised more often. That may be true, but I doubt it. I don’t think that there is any simple “cure” for my concentration problems. Oh, she also wants me to talk to my psychiatrist more about my paranoia. And she thought that my Risperdal should be helping my hallucinations and paranoia. I tried to explain to her that I’m on such a small amount that it wouldn’t help. Still, she kept going, “give it a little while to get in your system really good.” It’s been in my system at the current dosage for like a year. I don’t think its suddenly going to make everything all better.

I took my Spanish test today. It was horrible. I hope I got at least a 67 on it. That’s what I need to keep my B. I’m really nervous about it, though.

Everyone, go visit Lola. She sent me a lovely Christmas card, a cute little Hello Kitty cloth, and some cappucino mix. I thought that was incredibly sweet, so go visit her. 🙂 I was just in awe when I got the card in the mail. I’m still in awe. It was my first Christmas card and gift and she didn’t have to do it, so please go visit her and comment on her blog. Oh, and if you can, donate a little something so she can save her domain.

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    i think too small a dose of anything is a waste. i’ve taken headache medicine in small doses and it doesn’t work at all. i end up having to take a bigger dose later (as a result, that’s three pills because the first one’s effect has probably worn off, and later, i take two pills to actually get the full effect). i’m not a doctor, but i don’t trust the “let your system get used to it” advice.

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