Spammers Gone Wild 3

I just spent quite a while deleting somewhere between 300-500 spam “comments”. Luckily, they had all been caught by the filters I have set, but it was still really annoying to have to delete so many comments. Now, I get to delete the e-mail notices letting me know that I’ve received those comments. I hope no one sent me anything important through e-mail because there’s a chance that in my deleting of the spam comments and the spam I receive every day that I’ll delete something by accident.

I have 2 exams in the next 2 days…Spanish and World Literature. I have to do a mandatory extra credit thing sometime tonight for my Spanish class. Yes, I said mandatory extra credit. I should’ve done it earlier, but I kept forgetting about it. I still need to study for that test, too. Of course, it probably won’t do any good without Adderall. It’s not like I’ll be able to remember anything without it.

I am so glad that this semester is almost over. I need a break. I just wish it were longer. I dread next semester. I’ll be on campus 2 nights a week, which is better than having to stay all week, but I’m just really nervous about that. It’s not all about my not being at home, which scares the crap out of me. I’m worried that I’ll end up with some crazy roommate who’ll try to kill me. I know that’s ridiculous, but that’s just how I think. There’s also the fear that I’ll get raped because supposedly there was either 1 or 2 rapes this semester in the dorm that I’m going to be staying in. Someone said that they caught the guy who committed the rape(s), but you can never be completely certain.

I added 3 new hacks to Celestial over the weekend–a cash hack, a shop hack, and a quick reply hack. So far everyone seems to be enjoying the changes. That’s good because it took me quite a while to get them all installed. It probably wouldn’t have taken so long, but I had to modify like 20 or so themes in order to get them to work. (I ended up having to delete 2 themes that absolutely wouldn’t work with the hacks.) Anyways…by the end of all the installing, I was exhausted. I still need to make images for the shop. Luckily, Becky has been donating quite a few. 🙂 I’m quite thankful for her help.

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