Slippers and Sneakers

Thanksgiving went pretty well, especially with the help of 2 Klonopin. I was still a bit on edge. I can’t help it that I’m a nervous person, even around my own family. I didn’t overeat at lunch. I did get sick after dinner…not from overeating, but from eating the wrong thing (a small piece of lemon meringue pie). Apparently, the sugar and I didn’t get along well.

My mom and I went shopping earlier today. We’d thought about going to the early bird sales, but we both kind of slept through them. I got a pair of fuzzy pink slippers for me to take with me to A&M when I’m staying up there next semester. They were only like $3.88 at Wal-Mart, which I thought was a really good deal. I also got a pair of sneakers ($21) at Shoe Carnival because my mom couldn’t bare the thought of me wearing my Birkenstock-style sandals (from Wal-Mart) during winter. Of course, I also had to get socks, which I didn’t really like having to do. I hate wearing socks and I hate wearing sneakers.

You know what sucks about Thanksgiving weekend? TV schedules get all screwed up. Right now, I’ve got on a Law & Order marathon because that appears to be one of the only “okay” things on. I don’t really even like Law & Order, but its better than Fear Factor or whatever else is on.

Sophia, I know that doctors are often right, but I don’t think mine is right this time. I’m still having my auditory hallucinations and I haven’t had an Adderall since Monday. I had them before I started Adderall, too, so I know that Adderall isn’t the only reason that I had hallucinations.

Lola, I know what you mean about being afraid to ask for things online. I used to be afraid to ask them, because I was afraid people would look down on me. Now, I figure that the people who are going to look down on me are probably people I don’t want to have as friends or visitors.

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