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I went to see the new psychiatrist today. It took him forever to get to me. Apparently, he schedules two people at a time and whoever gets there first gets to see him first. Well, I got there at about 12:50 and he didn’t see me until 1:30. My appointment was at 1. I had a class at 2, so I was not happy. The appointment, other than that, went okay, I guess. He wants me to come off my Adderall. He thinks it could be responsible for part of the hallucinations that I’ve had. I don’t think it has much to do with them, but he’s the doctor. I guess if I’m still having them or they’ve gotten worse after I go off the Adderall that he’ll nix that idea. He’ll probably keep me off the Adderall if I can survive school without it. I haven’t gone to class in so long without being on it, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it.

I still have a cold. I woke myself up this morning coughing. Not a very pleasant way to wake up. I have a feeling that this cold is going to stay with me through Thanksgiving. I hope I don’t get my family sick on Thursday. That would really suck.

Lex, I think a person can ask for a present, if they want to. That doesn’t mean you should expect one, but you can always ask.

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  • Anneli

    Be grateful you HAVE a psychiatrist! I can’t afford one, and my application for help at the public clinic in my area was just turned down. They’re swamped with work, so apparently depression wasn’t urgent enough.


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