Yuckiness 2

I feel awful. Absolutely awful. At about 10 pm last night, I started coughing. I was fine before that, but somehow, I got really sick really fast last night. Now, I’m still coughing, my throat hurts, and I think I may have a fever. I don’t feel like being on the computer right now. I don’t even feel like sitting up or being awake. After I check my e-mail, I may just turn the computer off and go take a nap or something. Ugh…I just feel like crap.

I got my paper back in World Literature on Thursday. I got a 90 on it. She took 10 points off for it being too short. If I had just written about two-thirds of a page more, I could’ve gotten a 100. Of course, that would’ve been quite surprising, since I thought the paper sucked. I just didn’t do a good job on it.

My appointment with the therapist was okay, I guess. I kind of freaked her out with my problems. Typically people who have some of my symptoms end up with the more comprehensive therapists instead of the normal ones. She was also a bit upset that the symptoms I told her about weren’t in my intake interview. Hey…I tried to tell the intern about them…its not my fault they either didn’t hear me or didn’t think what I was saying was important enough to include. Anyways…the therapist told me to tell my psychiatrist about my symptoms, which I was planning on doing already. Heh. After I tell him, I may end up going to the comprehensive part of the MHC.

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