Disappointment 8

George Bush got re-elected, which has caused me to be both disappointed and a bit angry. I know there are a lot of conservatives in this country, but I honestly thought that more liberals would actually go out and vote for Kerry. I kind of knew that Bush would win, but I thought it would be more contested like in 2000. I didn’t think that he’d win fair and square. I guess its better for the country that he won both the popular and electoral votes, but at the same time, I feel that its worse for the country because now he’s got it in his head that all Americans want this country to be more conservative and that is so far from the truth for many of us. Too bad he probably won’t pay attention to the fact that 49% of the people in this country didn’t vote for him, so obviously almost half of the voters in this country saw something wrong with the way he ran this country for the past four years and something wrong with his plans for the next four.

I found out that I got an 83 on my Physical Science test that I took a week ago. That’s a lot better than I thought I did. One of the women who always is suggesting that I’m like some sort of genius did 2 points better than me, which gave her a bit of an ego boost. It also gave me a break. As much as I like to do well, I hate having the pressure of being the “perfect” student.

I wish A&M would open up web registration already. It was already supposed to have started. I want to get registration for next semester over with. That would take some of the weight off my shoulders. Of course, then I’ll have to deal with classes next semester, which will add more weight back to my shoulders.

My intake appointment went okay, I guess. The intake therapist decided I do have Major Depression with Bipolar Tendencies and I have OCD tendencies, as well. Of course, I have to go through more intake-like evaluation stuff with my new therapist on Thursday. Fun, fun, fun. Maybe there I will get to talk about some of the problems that either the intake therapist didn’t hear me mention or that she didn’t ask me anything about. Oh, she recommended that I not be in group therapy. She decided I’m too socially phobic to do that. She also told me to try to go to the free clinic in town for my medicine since I don’t have insurance.

Amy, the last post didn’t come from your post about the election. It just came from a general frustration I was having with quite a number of people who were saying that politics didn’t matter.

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  • Lexa

    Glad to hear your appointment went OK-ish 😀 Good luck on Thursday. Congrats on you Physical Science result 🙂

  • David
  • Alx

    Well, if this had been a worldwide election, Kerry would have got the 90% of the voters…everyone sees it except for the Americans, I know they want safety over there, but I didn’t think they were still that conservative.

  • Angela

    something completely offtopic, but your new listings site is not functioning properly in monzilla. i can’t click on what i guess you intend to be links. i wanted to list up my site, too.

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