Well, yesterday, I was in a car accident. It wasn’t anything major. It was raining really hard and my mom and I were heading home from A&M. We were stopped at a red light waiting for the left turn light to turn green when a guy rear-ended us. There was no damage, but my mom still wanted to file a report since we were in my dad’s car. My back hurt a little from being jarred, but not enough that I went to the hospital.

You know, it seems like Celestial is more active than it used to be, even though there are like 420 fewer members. I guess that’s because now the people who are joining are actually posting, instead of joining and never coming back. I’m sure those members will come around, though.

I got to see my last World Lit test on Tuesday. I got a 115 (out of 100). It was the first time that I’d actually gotten all of the points that were possible. I mean, before I’d gotten all the extra credit I could get, which gave me well over 100 points, but this time I would’ve gotten a 100 without the extra points.

I have a test tomorrow in Physical Science. I think I’ll do well. It’s open-book, which should mean that everyone automatically does well, but that’s not always the case. As long as I remember how to do the problems, then I should be able to kick some butt on the test. 🙂 Maybe I’ll even get a 100 like last time.

I may get to do a whole fake smile/happiness routine for the women in my Physical Science class and in my PS lab. They think I should be really happy since I do so well with my classes. They say that things are going so well for me in school that I should just be really happy and cheerful. You know, it seems like when I’m doing really well in school, I’m feeling worse depression/sanity-wise. I think it may be related.

My intake appointment for the Mental Health Center is this coming Wednesday. I’m a little nervous about it. I mean, I’m sure things will go okay…I’m just afraid I’ll forget to mention something important. There are a lot of things I need to tell the therapist about, but I’m afraid that I’ll be so nervous that I’ll choose to omit those things or completely forget them. I need to share those things if I ever expected to receive the proper treatment. Of course, I’m afraid that I’ll end up in the hospital or having to go through shock therapy if I’m completely honest.

I need to rant about something that’s been kind of annoying me lately. In Huntsville, we’re celebrating Halloween on Saturday night instead of Sunday night. I get that churches don’t want their little kids running around celebrating a Pagan holiday on a Sunday. The thing that I don’t get is when parents say, “I don’t think it should be celebrated on Sunday because that’s a school night.” Okay, they don’t have a problem with it when Halloween is celebrated on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday…all of those are school days. Why is it such a big deal that Sunday is a school night? Have they ever actually taken the time to think about these things? See, it was nothing major, but I just had to rant a little about it.

Oh, I wanted to congratulate Jennifer and Daniel on the birth of Alyssa. Alyssa is so cute. 🙂

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  1. That sucks that you got in an accident…car accidents suck, get you all worried. Great job on your lit test…wow 115…that’s awesome! Great layout!

  2. wow, I’m glad the accident was nothing serious, but it still must have scared you.

    My mom says she saw people dressed up on saturday and I did too, but I didn’t celebrate until last night(sunday)… I didn’t even consider to be an issue until I saw people dressed up the days before, hm.

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