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Last night my Angel Season 1 DVDs that Aurora (who is an absolute sweetheart) ordered from my wishlist arrived. I was so excited that I opened them right away. Well, when I was looking at the pretty DVDs and their holder, I noticed that there were only 5 DVDs. I thought that was a little strange because I know that most full season (20+ episode) DVD sets have 6 DVDs. I decided to check on the back of the case to see if it was supposed to be 5 or 6…it was supposed to be 6, so I promptly went onto’s website and looked through their information to see what I should do. I found the link to the Return Center, and I filled out a form letting them know that one of my DVDs was missing and that I would like a replacement. I then printed out a label to return the “defective” set. When I got online today, I had an e-mail in my box saying that they were sending the replacements via two-day delivery and that I needed to send the other DVDs back asap. I just have to box them up and take them to the post office. Hopefully, I’ll get it all taken care of early on this week.

I’m pretty bummed that the DVDs weren’t all there because I was planning on watching them if they came this weekend. I wanted to watch “I Will Remember You”, “Five by Five”, and “Sanctuary” (and maybe “Hero” and some others). I had been excitedly looking forward to getting them all week. I guess I can wait a few more days. I just hope the replacements are all there.

So, has anyone else ever gotten a set of DVDs only to find out that the set wasn’t all there? Or is this just a total fluke? (I know its a bit of a fluke, since its the first time it has happened to me.)


I got my midterm test and experiment #2 back in Physical Science Lab today. I got a 100 on the experiment and a 90 on the test. My test was the highest score in the class. (Go me!) It wasn’t the only A, though, because he has a unique grading system. Basically, anyone who gets over a 75 or 80 in his class will get an A. He makes it very difficult to fail his class.

I need to work on my paper for English. I haven’t even started on it yet and the first draft is due on Tuesday. I really need to get my butt to work.

I’ve spent a lot of time this week working on Celestial, which I moved to a new location and changed to a different script. If you were a member of the old boards, please rejoin at the new location. I’m now using phpBB instead of Invision. Why? Well, a couple of months ago, I noticed that it was next to impossible to get any assistance with Invision unless you purchased a license. Then, when I found out a new version of the board was out, I also found out that you now must order a license to even download the script. A yearly license is $69.95 and the lifetime license is $199. I don’t have that kind of money, so I decided to go with a free board. Hopefully, phpBB will stay free. Oh, and hopefully, people who hated Invision, but like phpBB will now join Celestial. Maybe some good will come out of this whole change in scripts.

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4 thoughts on “Is it Damaged or Defective?

  • Aurora

    I was really surprised that you got it so quick, but figures something would be missing:(

    lol I would have burst into tears and been like, “nooooooooooo!!!!!” I’m very dramatic…

    Is “Hero” the one where Doyle dies… I remember I kept expecting him to not really be dead.

  • Brittany

    Hey, this is my first time to your site 🙂 I love your layout and everything. You are a great inspiration since you’ve been through gastric bypass surgery and lost so much weight. I’m sorry a DVD was missing. I’ve never had any of mine missing when I bought them.

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