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Well, I went for what I thought was going to be my intake evaluation. Instead, it was me filling out forms and waiting to be called back to sign releases for my records from my psychiatrist and psychologist. My real intake appointment will be the 3rd of November. On that day, I’ll probably get to answer questions about some of the stuff I filled out on the form, i.e. “Are you suffering from depressive feelings?”, “Are you anxious?”, “Do you feel like hurting or killing yourself?”, etc. I know they’ll ask me this stuff because that’s what psychiatric/psychological appointments are like. I mean, even my psychiatrist that I’ve seen since May 2001 asks me that kind of stuff when I visit him. It’s just par for the course.

They assigned me a new psychiatrist already. My mom has seen him before. She says he’s okay, but I’ll have to see for myself. They assignmed to the “regular yet neurotic” doctor, as opposed to the doctor for the “real crazies”. I know that they see people who are actually crazier than me, but I don’t think I’m “regular yet neurotic”. To me, my problems seem a bit worse than they must appear on some silly little form. Also, I could’ve answered the questions on that form differently if the timespan had been more than “in the past 48 hours”. I mean, my moods swing and my symptoms vary from day to day and even hour to hour. I don’t always recognize my symptoms. For example, sometimes I’ll talk and talk and talk and talk, really fast and about God knows what…I won’t recognize that I sound like some hyperactive chatterbox, but my parents will. Also, I’ll be really angry one day, and I don’t recognize that I’m not going through one of my angry days until after the angry day has passed and I am feeling the guilt for being so angry. Honestly, they should ask, “do you ever/have you ever felt…” instead of “in the past 24-48 hours” because, to me, that seems more accurate. Also, they should’ve given more to choose from. Not all of my symptoms appeared on their form. Can you tell that I’m just a little annoyed with this form?

Someone signed my guestbook the other day and told me to update fps, since according to them I hadn’t updated in over a month. I responded with an e-mail telling this person that I had written in blog within the past few days. To me, that constitutes an update. I know that I haven’t added new skins in a while, but if you get tired of seeing the current skin, you have a good variety to choose from on the skins page. I shouldn’t have to just add new skins to the site everytime someone gets bored with the current skin or everytime someone decides that its been too long since I’ve added a new one. I don’t really feel like adding new skins right now. Maybe when I’m feeling better, I’ll add several new ones, but right now I’m not feeling like doing much “updating” like that.

I was going to beg for someone to buy the Angel Season 1 DVDs for me off my wishlist, since they’re only $14.99. If I had the money, I would definitely be ordering it, but I don’t have the money. I would offer to make icons or something, but whatever I make might look like crap. I mean, it’d probably look about like stuff I’d previously designed, so if you’re into what I’ve previously designed, then you’d know what to expect. I don’t actually expect to receive them, but I was going to give it a shot. THANKS AURORA!!!

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  • Aurora

    Hey… I want to buy you that then, so could you make a new note that someone is already getting you that so you don’t get two or something lol… I was having a hard time with deciding what to get you off your lists, so this is great… and you don’t need to do anything for me for getting it. You’re such a sweetheart to me Janet, it’s the least I can do:)

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