Dreadfulness 3

My mom came home from the hospital on Friday evening. I’m glad to have her back at home. I guess things are getting back to normal around here…as normal as anything in this house could be.

I have a gynecologist appointment in a little over an hour. Ugh. I hate going to the gynecologist. That is one of the most painful and embarrassing appointments to have. Hopefully, it won’t be too bad…though I’m sure it may be just as bad as last year, if not worse.

On Thursday, my mom is going to take me for an intake appointment at the Mental Health Center after my classes. That means that I probably won’t be using my current psychiatrist and psychologist anymore. I’ll miss them both…I’ll miss my psychologist more than my psychiatrist, even though I’ve been seeing my psychiatrist longer. I dread having to get to know and trust someone new. I also dread having to answer the same questions that are always asked when you start to see a new mental health professional. Those are so annoying.

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