The Value of Ramen Noodles 3

Well, I no longer have the dilemma of having to choose whether or not to go to school on Saturday. On Tuesday afternoon, my teacher called and informed me that there would be no class since it was Fall Break for the students. I think someone must have gone to the Dean or something. So, I get an extra day off this weekend, which is good. This has been one stressful week, so I deserve a break.

Hopefully, my mom will come home this weekend. The doctor keeps saying it’ll be a few days, so maybe he will finally give in and say she can come home on Saturday or Sunday. I miss having her here.

Did anyone else hear about the Michigan GOP trying to get Michael Moore arrested? Apparently, they believe he was trying to bribe people into voting. He gave out ramen noodles and underwear to people who said they would register to vote or would vote in the November elections. He didn’t tell them who to vote for…he was just encouraging them to vote. Somehow, I always associated bribery with something of value being given to the person. I don’t think ramen noodles and underwear can really be considered things of value. Well, maybe the underwear, but ramen noodles? Those things are cheap and icky.

I skinned my fanlisting collective yesterday. So, now True Blue Girl has a Jennifer Garner skin and a Sarah Michelle Gellar skin. I don’t know which I really prefer. I have the SMG one set as default, but I still like the Jennifer Garner one.

So, now weapons experts are stating that the last time Iraq may have had weapons of mass destruction was in 1991. That’s just amazing.

Well, Aurora, one of my sweet hostees, got her own domain. I’m happy for her, but I’ll miss having her as part of the fps family. 🙁 I hope everything goes well for her, and I encourage everyone to visit her new domain.

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  • Darkfairy(Provance)

    I don’t know. I don’t think I’d change my mind about anything just by getting some noodles… o maybe I would. But I still don’t consider it bribery. Maybe it’s because around here we must vote, it’s not an option, but still… noddles and underwear… i don’t think it will lead the world into a slow but inevitable descent into the fiery depths of hell. but the again, that’s just me.

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