Another Day 5

I’ve got a really weird situation with class. You see, this week at A&M is Homecoming, so this coming Friday and Saturday, school is supposed to be out for students. It says that there is a student break on the school’s website. According to my Physical Science teacher, though, we have class next Saturday morning. My lab teacher checked it out and found out that the school is closed, but my class teacher is holding class anyway. I don’t think I should have to go, since its a holiday for students. I don’t see how he could do anything for credit next Saturday. If the school says that we’re not supposed to be there, then we shouldn’t have to be there. In my lab, I talked to someone who was in his class last fall and she said that he did the same thing last year for both Homecoming weekend and for Thanksgiving break. That’s even more ridiculous. People (not me) leave town during Thanksgiving break. How can you possibly expect them to come to class on a day that has been decreed as an official off day? Anyways…my mom suggested that I go anyway, but my dad basically said it sounded funky for me to go on an off day. So, I get to make a choice about if I want to go next Saturday morning or not. Thank goodness my lab teacher found out about the break, so he’s postponed our midterm (which he had scheduled for next week). If I do go next Saturday, I’ll only have to be there until 11, instead of 1:30. Still, I want to be out all day. I need to rest.

I think I’m really going crazy. My depression is getting worse and I’m having other symptoms which aren’t really good. I’ve contemplated asking my mom if I could see my psychologist more often, but I don’t want to add any extra costs. I could always go to the Mental Health Center, which would be a bit cheaper. I’m a little afraid of doing that, though, since I don’t like change…especially when it comes to therapists. It’s just so hard to trust anyone enough to tell them how crazy you really are…especially mental health professionals. I don’t want to tell them too much because I’m afraid of the consequences of doing that. Then again, if I don’t tell them everything, then I won’t be properly treated.

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  • wendy

    it all kinda sucks. when ur depressed and u seek help professionally. the costs involved and all that. its hard to open up to some one you dont even know isnt it? but the more you see them the level of intimacy will grow deeper and you just might find it easier to open up. all the best hun.

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