The Runaround 8

Today has been a bit of a stressful day. My mom checked the mail this morning and there was something in the mail from A&M for me. Apparently, I owed $812.96 (I think that’s what it said), which is ridiculous because I’ve got a full scholarship. I shouldn’t owe anything. So, my mom and I went up to A&M to see what the problem was. We started in the Business Office, since that’s where the bill came from. They sent us to the Collections office. The woman in there sent us to the Financial Aid office, which I spent quite a bit of time at, feeling completely ignored and forgotten. (People who came in after me got to go back before me. It was quite frustrating.) Well, when I finally got to talk to the woman in there, she said I needed to go down to the Admissions office. My mom and I went downstairs to the Admissions office and found out that the scholarship person wasn’t there. So, we sat and waited. Eventually, she got there, but there was someone ahead of me who had to talk to her. Finally, she called for me to come back, and she looked baffled when I told her the problem. She looked up everything and decided she needed to talk to someone in the Business Office, so we followed her down there. I don’t know what was said between her and the person in the Business Office, but I do know that when she came out, she said she was at fault for the scholarship not being posted and that she would go back to her office and submit the proper paperwork so that my scholarship would pay for the rest of my bill. (Student loans had already paid for about $1200 of my tuition and other fees.) By the time we got done, it was noon.

My mom and I came home, and on the way home my stomach and head began to hurt really bad. My head had been hurting since about halfway through the whole search for an answer about the scholarship debacle. (Tension headache…very painful.) My stomach pain eventually spread to my chest, so I decided it was due to all the stress. When we got home (at about 12:30), I told my mom I didn’t really feel like turning around and heading back to school (since I have Spanish at 2 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays). She said okay, so here I am.

I don’t really even feel like being on the computer, but its so much a part of my daily routine that I’m almost afraid to not get on the computer. I have my routines that I have to do, and if I don’t do them, I worry that something will happen. If I listened to my body and stayed off, then my tension headache and other pains would probably only get worse because I would worry that by not getting on the computer, I would be responsible for something bad happening. I’m crazy, I know.

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  • Aurora

    Hey Janet… could you e-mail me, because you only get my e-mails if I reply to yours… I think I must come up as spam or something, anyways I have some important news to tell you;)

  • Kat

    I hate it when people do that. “Go here… no wait here… nope… sorry… I meant here”. I spend half of my life being ushered from one place to another and filling in unnecessary paperwork. 🙁

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