Meaning to Blog 5

Thanks for all of the sweet comments on the new skin. I’m glad y’all like it.

I have had 3 tests since I put those two skins up. The first was in Physical Science. I found out today that I made a 100 on it. Yay. The other two were in Social Welfare. On one I got a 37/40 and on the other I made a 59/60. I have another test in Social Welfare this coming Tuesday. I also have a test in World Literature. It’s all very exhausting.

I keep meaning to blog, but its just hard to do some days. And I haven’t exactly been feeling “happy” lately, not that I ever truly feel happy. I’ve just been getting a bit worse with my depression and anxiety. So, that’s not good. I used to be able to write a lot when I was depressed and anxious, but its harder these days.

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