Efficient 2

I’m efficient. This is the conclusion that my mother and I came to as we pulled up to the pharmacy this afternoon. How am I efficient? Well, I found out that I made a 109 (out of 100) on my World Literature test that covered Gilgamesh and the Creation/the Flood from the Bible. How does that make me efficient? Well, I was able to score this grade without really thoroughly reading the passages. I was able to basically skim over the stories and still receive a high score. I can do this in a lot of classes. In fact, once I learn I can do this in a class, it keeps me from trying to study in that class. I figure that if I can make a good grade without studying, then I don’t need to study. Some may call this being lazy. I call it being efficient.

So, you may have noticed that I mentioned going to the pharmacy. Guess what that means? I actually went to the doctor. I came out of Social Welfare complaining of pain again, so my mom called and made me an appointment. He wasn’t quite sure what was causing the pain, so he’s switched my Prilosec to two pills once a day instead of one pill twice a day. He’s also added an extra dose of Bentyl to my normal 3 a day routine. Oh, and he added in 150mg of Zantac to my routine as well. (It can be 300 if I need it.) He said that the pain could be from my Adderall, but I don’t really want/need that lowered. (Otherwise, I really wouldn’t be paying attention in school.) He said it could be from my 3 iron a day, so he lowered that to 2 a day. He said it could’ve been from my Prilosec doses being separated. So, basically, it could be quite a few different things.

I also had to go vote today. I didn’t get to vote for the candidate that I wanted to be mayor because she didn’t get one of the top two spots in the election, so she didn’t make it to the run-off. So, I voted for the lesser of two evils. I can’t stand one of the candidates, even though he’s the one that the AAMU Democrats kept pushing, so I voted for the current mayor.

Oh, and in “happy” news, my test in Social Welfare was postponed yet again. The teacher gave us the wrong test to look over over the weekend. So, he gave us the right one to look over today. The test has been rescheduled for Thursday. Fun, fun, fun.

Ugh…why do some people insist on asking perverse question in the Q & A section? Also, why do some people ask a question that I’ve already answered? I could understand if it was like 50 or 100 questions ago, but someone asked how many medals Ian Thorpe has won. That was still on the first page of Answers. I still do not know how many medals he has won. I still don’t care how many medals he has won. Sometimes that section just frustrates me. Actually, its not the section, its the people who ask the questions.

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