Pain in the Chest 3

I had to leave school early today. I didn’t have Fitness for Life, so my mom and I decided to go to Big Lots after my Social Welfare class. Well, right before I’d gotten out of Social Welfare, my stomach (right side) and chest (also right side) started hurting really bad. I’d have sharp pains and then they’d dull to an ache. Eventually, they’d get back to the sharp pains. So, I was walking around Big Lots pretty much clutching my chest and stomach. While we were in there, the left side of my chest and stomach starting hurting the same way. Well, I thought I might be able to tough it out, so my mom and I headed to Wal-Mart. When we got there, I was starting to get pale, so my mom asked me if I really felt like even being out, and I told her no. (She’d asked before, and I’d tried to put a brave face on it.) So, I missed my World Literature class. I hope I don’t get behind in there.

I started a new site. It’s called The Heart Speaks and it features poetry that I’ve written over the years. (It doesn’t have every single poem.) It’s got a very simple layout because I’d like to keep the focus on the poems. So, if you’re into poetry or you want to see what kind of writer I am, I’d suggest checking it out…and please give me some feedback. So far, I’ve gotten one comment on one poem. I’d really like to hear what more people think. Don’t be shy.

I saw Joey tonight, and I loved it. It was so cute. It’s not the same as Friends, but what could be? So, I hope it sticks around for more than one season. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh well, I guess I need to go, since I still feel pretty awful. ๐Ÿ™

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