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On Thursday, I got up the nerve to talk to my P.E. teacher about my anxieties and such. She was understanding, moreso than I could’ve ever expected. She told me that since I had had problems with my joints in the past and because I have asthma that she would start me off in a lower training zone. She knew about some of what I go through now that I’ve had Gastric Bypass Surgery because one of her best friends had had the surgery. She also knew that losing weight can be hard for some people…because of her friend’s experience and her own. So, after I talked to her, I felt a lot better.

Today is the season opener for college football. Guess what that means? My father has Auburn football on the radio. Ugh. It’s not that bad, though. That’s probably because Auburn appears to be doing quite well. If they were doing poorly, I bet the whole neighborhood would be hearing about it. *sigh* I don’t like football season. It’s always intense and stressful around here when football is going on.

The woman who nearly pulled back a stub after touching me last week decided to touch me again this week. This time, though, she didn’t grab ahold of me. She just did one of those “pats” that some people do when they talk. I controlled myself and held back the slapping. If she touches me again, though, I will make sure to tell her that I cannot stand being touched. Maybe that would stop the whole her touching me thing. She also asked me a lot of questions again today. This time she was acting like she was doing it to help out another student, but I don’t get why she couldn’t just go by her own notes. Why should I have to pull out my notes to tell her exactly what her notes should tell her? If we weren’t in a class where the teacher writes all the notes on the board, it might be different, but he writes down all of our notes on the board. She copies the same stuff that I do, so I don’t understand why my notes would be any more helpful than her notes.

I opened a new fanlisting yesterday. It’s for sisters. I applied for it when I was going through one of my times of really missing Stephanie. It took me a few weeks to come up with a layout. It’s not a difficult layout…its actually quite simple, but that’s kind of what I wanted. I wanted something that displayed love between sisters, so I hope that’s how it comes off. Oh, you don’t have to have a sister or be a sister to join. You can just like the bond that sisters have or some other characteristic of sisterhood.

Someone sent me an e-mail asking me what I would do for a gmail invite. My honest answer is nothing. I don’t want a gmail account. I’m sure its an interesting service, but I like the way I’m currently doing my e-mail…even if I do get about 1,000 spam e-mails a day. I would still be getting those e-mails, I just wouldn’t be getting them on the gmail account. I would be afraid to give out the gmail address because I’d figure I might end up on some spam list…so to save myself anxiety and other issues (like forgetting that I have the account), I am not signing up for a gmail account.

I applied to adopt the Alias fanlisting, but Yasmine didn’t pick me. 🙁 I was really hoping she would pick me, but I guess she found someone better than me to run the fanlisting. I hope they’re good to it because if they’re not, then I’ll be quite annoyed. *sigh* That’s one of the fanlistings I really wished I could have…since Alias is my 2nd favorite show of all-time. (First is Buffy, of course.) I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

Oh, I was a little cheerful on a board the other day because I was finally able to fit into my “skinny” shirt. It was a size XL in Juniors. Well, I’d been able to wear most XLs (in tops) all summer, but this one was too small. Well, the other day, it fit perfectly…so of course, I had to share. Most places that I shared seemed to understand that this was a happy moment and that for me an XL was a small size (especially after being a 3X for so long). This one board, though, I kept having to explain why it was such a happy moment for me because they didn’t see how I could consider the XL to be a “skinny” shirt. Even as I get smaller, I will probably still see anything below plus-size as being “skinny”, including XLs. It’s just the way I’ve learned to perceive the world.

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