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I can’t believe how many people replied to my last entry. I think the last time I got 30 comments on one entry, I hadn’t posted in almost a month. I was shocked on Saturday when I got on and saw like 13 or 14 comments. I guess a lot of people feel strongly about Ebonics. To those of you who told me not to let it get to me, I would just like to state that I never did let it get to me. Sure, I was annoyed that I was called some names, but my feelings weren’t hurt because I knew those statements weren’t true. 😉

So, I’ve opened some new fanlistings (actually, I adopted them): Friends: 3.16 – The One The Morning After (Episodes), Friends: 10.05 – The One Where Rachel’s Sister Babysits (Episodes), Journals and Diaries (Miscellaneous), and Paganism: Triquetra (Mythology and Religion). The One The Morning After is the episode where Ross and Rachel break up officially. The One Where Rachel’s Sister Babysits is the episode where Rachel’s sister (played by Christina Applegate) babysits (duh) and ends up getting Emma’s ears pierced. Y’all should know what journals and diaries are. The Triquetra is a symbol used in Paganism and Christianity. (Yes, it is also the symbol used on Charmed.)

The nurse just called from my doctor’s office. They’ve already gotten my blood test results back. My iron levels are fine, but my doctor wants to keep me on the iron pills. I guess he’s probably worried that if I went off of my iron, my levels would drop. (He had another WLS patient who had iron-deficiency anemia and she’s struggled with keeping her iron levels up, so he’s trying to keep a closer eye on mine.)

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